10 things I've learned about Roops

It's been two weeks tomorrow that we've had Roopert. He's come along way and still has a long way to go. I've learned a few things over the past two weeks about this dog:
  1. He does not like some men. I would go as far as saying he wants to do 89% of the male population harm. He literally leapt at an RCMP officer yesterday morning, like he swung like a monkey on his harness and leash trying to rip his face off. Nice. Having said that, he adores Russ and little boys (think under 10). There are exceptions to every rule. Sometimes his manic barking gives way to friendship but it takes a fearless fello to get past the bluster.
  2. I licensed Roo this week with the city and within 48 hours the above RCMP officer approached me regarding licensing. That's $250 I saved by being a good girl.
  3. Even though I didn't have to pay that steep fee...dude...Dogs are expensive! I can't imagine forking out for a premium breed, and then having to get all the bits and bobs, food, toys, kennels, brushes, grooming, vet visits, booster shots, leashes, harnesses...etc...etc...
  4. He nips at feet and toes of people who visit our house and do him the pleasure of walking so very close to his mouth. It's like some naughty game of his that drives me crazy. I would be incredibly uncomfortable at someones home if their dog did such a thing and I treat him doing it in my own with all the disgust of a royal dignitary. Working on that one!
  5. I have never had so many strangers stop and talk to me. If you have a dog, people stop and chat. If you have a cute dog that looks like a little stuffed animal, well then, it's double trouble. Of course, if your a man and try this, Roopert will try to swing tarzan style on his leash and rip your face of, thus ending the conversation. We hear the following all the time: Oh, he's soooo cute!, I thought you were walking or he looks like a little... a gopher, ewok, baby bear cub, fox, Yes, he does look like all those things though I'm not sure about the gopher comment.
  6. He loves to jump and can jump incredibly high when motivated. I'd love to train him to play frisbee but the truth is, Roo's a bit of clutz. It's not uncommon for him to be running up the stairs and then bash his face into the step, leap up onto the grass but misjudge the distance and hit his face against the concrete in the process. He's cute, but he's a clutz.
  7. He's easy to love when he's not barking his brains out. He's a delightful companion to cuddle up with and watch movies, as long as there are no doorbells ringing in the movie *New in Town was awful for doorbells, it drove him and us crazy! He's a great reason to get fresh air as long as you don't mind being embarrassed by his tyrannical behavior towards males, bikes, birds and bunnies.
  8. He loves to play catch. Loves it as much as he loves any of us. He is a dog meant to chase and run and retrieve.
  9. When I leave him in the house while I go out, I always find things that belong to me in the front room. Shoes and socks. He drags my shoes into the front room and any balled up socks that have been tossed. He doesn't seem to chew on them, as much as pull them to his bed for company.
  10. Kia's doing so much better with him. She's still awkward at times, but her courage and trust are blooming. He's so good with her and able to read her limits and not push her too fast. I love watching their relationship grow. It's a hard earned friendship, and it may just turn out to be the best one.

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