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AB Railway Museum

Kia and I are planning a summer day excursion to the AB Railway Museum on Thursday July 16th. Just wanted to invite some blog friends to come and join us for the day. Let me know if you're interested.

Golf Tournament

Russ works with a very social bunch of folks and they really seem to like to have work events. MS bike tour, Habitat for Humanity and company golf tournaments. The later, being a family event this last weekend that we took part in. Most of my local friends know that I was dreading this golf tournament. My last golf experience was with Russ on the Turner Valley golf course for his birthday in 1999.

I was pregnant with Kia at the time and my moods were swinging more than the clubs - har har, but true! We were so broke that we couldn't rationalize renting a golf cart and instead opted to walk the course. MISTAKE! By hole 15 it was dusk, I was a very hormonally drained pregnant women bawling her eyes out and the poor older couple who had been paired with us were dots on the horizon. Not good.

This was a much more enjoyable experience. For one, I wasn't pregnant, nor was I paying - hello golf cart! Kia joined us, as it was family event and we headed out on the course to pla…

I'll Huff and I'll Puff

Can you even fathom that another school year has come and gone! My little girl is no longer all that little, she's a bonafide tween. Just typing that, I feel this sense of sadness ice the corners of my soul (I'm channeling Anne of Green Gables today). I sometimes feel bad for Kia because as our one child she gets firsts and lasts all at the same time. I have a constant feeling of excitement that is usually followed by a sharp pang of panic. It goes something like this:

Kia: I can't wait! Today is the last day of school and I get to sleep in all summer!
Me (outloud): I know! Isn't that the greatest!
Me (in my head): WHAT! You graduated grade 4, this can't be happening...time is going too quickly, must...stop...time

Not to worry folks, it's a 90/10 ratio. I'm 90% happy and 10% panic. No meds necessary.

Roopert is doing much better on walks the past few days. No demon dog from hell moments to share. We walked the figure 8 loop today, which is a very odd…

What did you do last night?

If you were hanging out with a group of teenagers that were covering each others faces in shaving cream and then seeing how many fruit loops would fit on their friends faces, plus adding some gum ball eyes for good measure, well, then you were doing the exact same thing as me!

Oh My!

There seems to be a cycle to his walking routine. 3 good walks to 1 bad walk. Russ and Kia had the worst walk ever with our little monster, devil dog last night. He barked and pulled on his leash the entire time. They walked him through a very busy park, filled with happy people, active families and chilled out dogs. Well Roo lost his ever loving mind and barked at everyone, there was no calming him down. He practically lost his voice. Russ was furious, Kia was humilated. Nice. Don't you wish you had a dog too?

The Garden of my Dreams

Kata and Tamas have the most exquisite woodland garden I have ever seen! They dwell in this heavenly little corner of Budapest in this magical wonderland at the base of a hill, bordered by a lovely stream and forest. Note to self: find an abandoned garden in some forgotten little corner of the world and spend my days exploring, salvaging, transplanting, digging, and finding peace in such a place as this.

Kids and Dogs

Kia and I wanted to give Russ a photo of her and Roo for Father's Day. We wanted to go to this special spot we discovered while walking Roo, but we weren't organized enough to make it will be another time for sure, cuz it's a really good spot. You know the old warning: working with kids and dogs is difficult. True d'at.
Kia working hard to make Roo "come" and "sit".
Oh, she has treats!
Um...maybe the treats wasn't such a good idea. As all the photos with him on her lap are of him with his mouth open. This was as good as it gets!
Clearly, it was an exhausting experience.

Making Fiends

Someone in my sidebar linked me to the "Making Fiends" episode. I couldn't stop laughing at this little short animation webisode. It reminds me too much of my own daughter and her current drama's in grade 4 with a young lady very much like Vendetta. Watch it here!


A fun challenge I found online: Simply go out and take a photograph of a natural pattern or texture. It can be uniform, abstract, colored, whatever you can imagine but it must be something earth made/grown.


Kia and I went and enjoyed Up at the local theater's cheap Tuesday night. The movie asks a simple question on many different levels: Can you teach an old dog new tricks? We were reminded through laughter and tears (yes, I cried) that our capacity for learning and loving has nothing to do with our age, but everything to do with our will and our desire. Keeks and I didn't see it in 3D, but honestly I don't feel like we missed out on anything. Loved this movie!


Dear Blog,

My life is currently so overtaken that there is no time for you. I have a few big ribbon wand orders that I'm trying desperately to get out the door (June weddings), my house is in need of a Peter Walsh, my garden requires constant tending, the dog requires exercise, the drama of grade 4 girls requires lots of Mommy daughter talks, I haven't seen my friends for ages, I'm still trying to fit in workouts, do my church calling, be a wife, wash laundry, and feed us. I'm failing miserably in some of these areas and don't feel like blogging about it.


The weather is fantastic, I love my work, the house is an ongoing project, the walks are bringing much needed balance, hugs follow the talks, phone calls substitute for girls night, the gym is always there waiting when I find the time, I love my calling and feel that it may be coming to an end soon, Russ is a shoulder to lean on, the laundry still sucks but every night the family is miraculously fed.

So, b…

Garage Sale or Donate

The amount of things to be "stored" ie... put away and never touched again, is becoming a bit extreme. I've been tempted to have a garage sale. I usually just fill the trunk and dump the stuff at the Salvation Army or Goodwill. This time, though, I have some big items...a dresser, chairs, misc furniture and Russ had old it's not that standard drive and drop off. I'd probably do it the Saturday before Father's Day. That gives me a week and a day or two. It can be done right? Right? Jury is still out on this one.

What do you think...garage sale or donate?

Q & A's

What's something you saw in a shop recently and wanted, but didn't buy? Greenland Garden Center had stems of Huge Pink Peonies for $5 each in the fresh flower fridge. It's an odd thing but I totally remember wanting some and having an inner arguement regarding purchasing a stem or two. I didn't, but I still wish I had picked up two. They would have been $10 worth of happiness on my counter.

What's your current obsession? Gardening, Roopert, painting and finding that "smell" in the basement. For real...the joys and smells of dog ownership.

What's for dinner? Um. Good question. I toyed with the idea of doing something in the Dutch Oven, but that will require a shopping trip for many things. Not interested in that. So probably mac and cheese.

What are you listening to right now? The faint sound of the tv on upstairs and the louder sound of the dryer turning behind me.

What's your favorite quote right now? I just put this one in my side bar la…

Get some...get some now...

Okay...maybe as soon as it isn't Sunday anymore. Go and find this stuff:

I got mine at Save-On Foods and it's heavenly. Just trust me on this. They have other amazing flavors as well...but there is just something about their chocolate mint...

10 things I've learned about Roops

It's been two weeks tomorrow that we've had Roopert. He's come along way and still has a long way to go. I've learned a few things over the past two weeks about this dog:
He does not like some men. I would go as far as saying he wants to do 89% of the male population harm. He literally leapt at an RCMP officer yesterday morning, like he swung like a monkey on his harness and leash trying to rip his face off. Nice. Having said that, he adores Russ and little boys (think under 10). There are exceptions to every rule. Sometimes his manic barking gives way to friendship but it takes a fearless fello to get past the bluster.
I licensed Roo this week with the city and within 48 hours the above RCMP officer approached me regarding licensing. That's $250 I saved by being a good girl.Even though I didn't have to pay that steep fee...dude...Dogs are expensive! I can't imagine forking out for a premium breed, and then having to get all the bits and bobs, food, …

Garden Party

Yes, I thought that might get your attention. An after eight chocolate cake. Thank you Jackie for supplying a cake that made our eyes roll into the back of our heads. It wasn't this cake, sadly, as I forgot to take a picture!!! Ours was even prettier! I couldn't get away to grab my camera, I had only one thought - must eat cake!

The weather was absolutely perfect! Blue skies and 25'C made for a magical sunny night spent outdoors. Russ was nice enough to set up a day bed outside for me. I thought it would be great fun for the girls to lounge on and I was right!

I didn't take near enough photographs as I spent the majority of the night keeping Roopert from nipping toes, getting various things that were needed (pencils, books, finding my camera, knife, garbage can...etc...) and generally trying to keep things flowing. We took a few group shots of the girls right at the end of the evening:
When all was said and done, clean-up took about 10 minutes and the evening was…


I work with the 16 - 18 year old girls in my ward. It is a wonderfully challenging calling. They ask really tough questions every Sunday, like, "What does that mean?". We have a big class of 14 girls. This Wednesday we're having a graduation party for the 4 of them who are graduating high school. The party is at my house, with all the young women in our ward attending. I'm hopeful that the weather will cooperate, as the only way I will fit 30 people in my house is, if they can go in the backyard!

It's a good kick in the pants to get the yardwork done and some house cleaning completed in preparation of the event. It's also a great time to reflect back on my own high school years and what has transpired in my life since. I must say how thankful I am to be done that time in my life. I definitely have bloomed in my 30's, not my teens!

I have some fun decorating ideas and menu items I'll share with you after the party so stay tuned! Till then, I…