What do you know for sure?

Sheri Dew (aka. Laura's best friend) was her usual powerful presence. Seriously, this woman is distinct, she stands out, she commands attention. She seems tough as nails and yet approachable. She spoke a number of times during the conference, these notes are taken from her Friday night presentation.
  • You are evidence of God's plan.
  • We are not women of the world...we are women of God.
  • What does it take for you to be as spiritually strong as you are physically?
  • We have not done as well as we know how. We can do better.
  • Are you building a kingdom on earth or are you laying treasures in heaven?

If it were your assignment to disrupt this group of women, to pull their attention away from spiritual development, and keep them from fulfilling their destiny what would you do?

  • Confuse their identity. Invite them to question their worth and divine role as a daughter of God.
  • Misunderstand the Atonement.
  • No personal revelation.

Ladies we must each have:

  • A personal witness of who we are. We must find out for ourselves what our identity is. We must believe that we are daughters of God.
  • We must gain a personal knowledge of the Atonement. We need the power and the healing that only comes through the Atonement provided by our Savior. (temple worship)
  • Learn to recognize the voice of the spirit in our lives.

In D&C 138 we read about the noble and great ones. She challenged us to take this scripture to the Lord and ask him if that phrase (noble and great ones) has anything to do with you.

When you find out it does, interact with the scriptures in a new way. Individualize your relationship with the spirit.

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