TOFW pics

Another Time Out for Women conquered and enjoyed. Thanks lovely friends for a fun time...I was the note taker and will be sharing my notes on my blog in the next day or so. In the meantime I thought I'd load a photo or two from the event.

You may not realize this but one of my friends is Sheri Dew's best friend. For real. Here they are together:
I love how Laura looks like an absolute super fan in this picture and Sheri is all stoic and sensible, er, maybe that's reserved fear. Dunno. Just know it makes me smile.

The very pregnant KL managed to survive the event and in case she pops before I can get a real photo shoot in (and the rest of you must be thinking, is this woman always pregnant?), we went behind the building a snapped a few pictures of her pregnant cuteness. For real, how cute is she!? Sorry, couldn't resist.

Russ and Kia just headed out the door on a Daddy daughter date to Celtic Thunder. Snicker snicker. We'll see how that goes. I took the cutest photo of the two of them prior to leaving, but it's all the way upstairs and it just seems like a deal breaker to go and get the camera. I'm thinking of using my time wisely while the fam is out and going to the gym for some much need activity. Have a good one!

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