This one's not a stray...

I said that we would be looking for a dog after our trip...I just didn't expect the hunt to go so well so fast! Meet Rupert, er, "prince" Rupert by the looks of his life in the following photo, can we say, "do my bidding humans?":

We made a connection with "Rupert" (whose name may or may not change) right away when we visited the new Edmonton Humane Society building today. Rupert is a two year old Yorkshire Terrier and he's ours! It's been a busy adoption day, filled with walkies, treats and figuring each other out. So far we know that he is super loving, he doesn't like big dogs (he barks and then whimpers for a few minutes upon seeing them), he adores chewing on his rope, and is uber curious about every thing and every place regarding his new digs.

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