Sweet Assurance

In from the garden. I've been working the soil in the vegetable garden. It's hands on labour, where I spend the day sitting in the dirt, squeezing dirt balls (yes I said dirt balls), breaking up clumps, and removing roots. The garden plot looks fantastic though and the sore muscles today are worth it.

More TOFW notes...

Emily Watts has spoken at both the TOFW's that I have attended and although she didn't accept chocolate I was willing to share with her, I'm sure she's a very nice lady to hang out with. I definitely know she is a very wise lady. I'm going to share some thoughts from both times I heard her, because I feel like it.

Thoughts from 2007
  • Godly sorrow always has a feeling of hope. Hopelessness is Satan magnifying our weakness.
  • When we are tired, we make mistakes (see James 1:19)
  • If you say yes, when you mean no, nobody wins.
  • If you say yes and mean it, no matter what, the Lord will magnify you.
  • Part of self-esteem as a parent is getting out of the way and letting our children exercise their agency.
  • Healing doesn't hinge on our goodness, but on His.
This year's TOFW
  • What is the source of your sweet assurance?
  • Heavenly Father loves your children and the people you care for as much as you do.
  • Matthew 7:16 - By their fruits ye shall know them.
  • Give the fruit (our children) a chance to ripen.
  • Sometimes our trails need serious reflection and poignant consideration (JSH)
  • Christ will untie, smooth, fix and atone for the knots in our lives - even the knots that are of our own making.
  • Psalms 27:14
  • 1 Chronicles 5:20 - "cried to God in the battle"
  • Parenting is sometimes a battle but the promise is Psalms 9:10
  • We need to {progress} RIPEN in this life.
  • We are the fruit of our parenting.
  • Are we slow ripening fruit?
  • Charity is taught through children
I really enjoyed the comparison of slow ripening fruit. Sometimes we try to harvest things out of our children unfairly. Maybe they haven't been provided with all the elements they need to truly bloom and we unfairly expect them to be ripe and perfect when we feel like harvesting. We need to be on the Lord's time and love them until they reach that marvelous point of maturity and ripeness.

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