Sin vs. Weakness

Have you ever wondered what the actual meaning of Jesus' name is? It is "God is help"
Are you worthy in every way? As women we struggle with the idea of worthiness. What is holding you back from being worthy in every way. We all face adversity in our lives, the difference is how we respond to it. Face it and stand up to it.
She shared an adage used by many, "If a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing well." She challenged us..."If a thing is worth's worth doing badly until we can learn to do it better"
She really focused on the difference between Sin & Weakness.
This was brought home by a simple table with a few questions that stood out to me:
What is sin? Doing wrong when we know better
What is weakness? a limitation or inadequecy
Author of sin? Satan
Author of weakness? God
It is vital that we identify the differences between what is sin in our lives and what is weakness. Our response to sin is repentence while our response to our weaknesses must be humility; meekness and becoming teachable. We require forgiveness for sin and grace for weakness, divine help, mercy and His enabling power. Christ lived a sinless life, yet he, like us, also had weaknesses to overcome.
YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO BE WORTHY. Focus on becoming increasingly pure rather than seeking perfection.

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