Does membership have its privledges?

  • I ask because I signed up for the membership at Greenland garden centre. Love that place, let's see if it helps save some coin.
  • Kia had sports day at her school and her team won 1st place. She's pretty excited, because last year her team came in dead last. She said to me, "last year was still fun, but winning makes the fun last longer in your head." Classic.
  • I've spent all of the better part of the morning and entire afternoon in the garden. It looks freaking awesome! I have dirt in places I never knew it could gain access on my body, but hey, I'm having fun and it just makes me appreciate indoor plumbing all the more. I ended up placing all the large stones that have been bordering the back woodland garden, and moved them into the dry riverbed. Heavy lifting! I purchased some astible, hosta's,ferns and black eyed susan's for the woodland garden. Can't wait to see this garden come to life this year.
  • Russ and I attended the annual Construction Association BBQ with Fillmore Construction. It was fun to get out and socialize. They had an Eagles tribute band play and when you weren't looking at them, they sounded alot like the real deal. Looking at them...not so much.
  • Russ is sick. I need him to mow the I hope he's not that sick.
  • The Primary party is tomorrow and it's a big hayride in the country. I have no idea how to get there or when it starts. Kia will kill me if we miss phone calls are necessary!

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