Dear Me

Day 4 with Roopert, aka: the Rooster, Prince Roopert, Mr. Roopert, Roop, Stink Ball, Roo Roo, Roo, and Mr. Man. But the big question, does he come to any of those names? No, response is highly unlikely. I'm quite certain our neighbours are cursing his name as it's called repeatedly to no avail. Roopert has clearly not been such over the past two years of his life, whatever that was, we do not know.

This dog continues to delight us though, and challenge us, and annoy us and instantly redeems himself. We walked Kia to school yesterday and stopped in the middle of the field at our usual stop. Kia kept walking and Roopert was devestated. Whimpering and crying all the way home.

He spent the day with me outside in the yard. He loves water. I turned the hose on to water my plantings in the shade garden and instantly he was chasing the streams of water, jumping through the spray, rolling in the mud, just being a complete messy boy. He later ran through the sprinkler as I was watering the I'm thinking he's comfortable with water. I bought him a meaty bone which instead of eating he buried under the saskatoon bushes in the back. Umm, yay, he's a digger.

He's had one accident in the house so far, in the kitchen, so easy clean-up. I put him in the crate on my afternoon outings. He yipped and barked his brains out from what I can surmise...hopefully not the entire time I was gone but definetly upon leaving and as I pulled up I could hear him loudly barking. I bought him some toys from the local pet store and he instantly destroyed the Grandpa Gimpy Hip Rubber Chicken. Like in 5 minutes tops he ripped the face off. Sad thing is he adores this toy and will do anything for it, even come when you call his name but it's not safe for him to have on his own now that I know he can eat it!

The crate seemed to help him discover his voice, as he'd been blessedly silent up until now. He since has shared with us just how ferocious he thinks he is, he's barked at our neighbour Al for having the audacity to drive his truck, the birds for flying, the lady down the street for slamming her car door, an especially scruffy teenager for walking on our sidewalk have all received stern reprimands from Roopert. After that, he was fine, and ignored the street for the rest of the day but the bad behavoir didn't stop there....

Oh no, he was on a roll. He was an absolute tyrant on our walk. It was a miserable time for Kia and I as we had to reef on his leash to calm this little turd down. Big dogs, little dogs, old couples, soccer players, gardeners, cyclists, and the very wind were all something for him to blast at. The only person he was tolerant towards was a little baby he wanted to lick and kiss so badly, but by then I had zero trust towards him and pulled him back. I showed him, eh! Ugh. Training anyone? He came home and pretty much slept the night away. Clearly it was exhausting work for all.

Russ is on evening walk duty tonight and I wish him well! He's a great dog for the most part though, he just hast to learn it's okay for other people and living things to walk the earth. Other than that, he just wants to play catch and jump. He's constantly dropping balls in our laps and eagerly does his cute little kangaroo hop bound to the ball and quickly brings it back for another toss. This is how he usually looks (replace toy with yellow ball or Gimpy Hip Grandpa):

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