Back from a lovely long weekend

Jasper and Fairmont Hot Springs
We headed to Jasper on Wednesday for a few days of R n' R in the rockies. Jasper Park Lodge never disappoints. The smell of that grand old lodge is one of the top ten smells in the world. To make it even better, the folks at JPL upgraded our room to a suite with a fireplace. NICE! Kia snuggled up in front of it on Wednesday night and had a snooze. Russ helped her light her first fire the next night.
Kia and I walked around the grounds and took so many photos, I just don't have in me to share them all. We also went on a hike up to the Maligne Falls and then down from the first bridge to the 4th. It was a lovely view of the gorge, though the water was still frozen.

We took the scenic drive from Jasper to Lake Louise and it was spectacular. Super long, but super gorgeous. If you ever want to see many many glaciers and amazing mountains take this route!

Friday we arrived in Fairmont Hot Springs and hung out with family. The weather was in low to high twenties and there was always some sunshine to be found. We couldn't have asked for better weather. We even ventured out on a hike, which ended up being a bit more than we anticipated...

How cute is my niece, Sara!
Sunday was the highlight. Gorgeous blue skies and blazing sun...we all have a red shoulders to prove it.
We spend so much time in the water. Aiden and I dubbed the hot hot pool, "Old people soup" because there was always 40+ people of the older persuasion simmering in it. We ended up calling the cooler pool, "Old people pudding." It became the running joke. Aiden truly is the funniest kid and kept me entertained for hours.
Jordan, Nate, Janie, Tevin and Christian all took part in the big splash dive contest. Christian ended up getting second place! So there is a smackeral of photos from the trip. Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend as well.

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