Time to "complete" what I started

I may complain about my old house from time to time (like on a nightly basis as I scramble into my ice cold bed in our very poorly insulated bedroom) but there are some pretty awesome things about our home. One being, we have the best driveway. The creator of our driveway, in his infinite wisdom created a lovely flowerbed. It's super easy to make this spot look great. It's truly idiot proof.

But alas, we cannot dwell on the wonder of our front yard when there is so very much to be done in the back. We have a great patio space and lovely firepit area that the past resident installed...but the garden...it overwhelms us, it's just so darn big!

Once you become a homeowner you have two choices, too garden or not too garden. "Not" can be accomplished by neglect or by hiring help to do it for you. We, however do not have that kind of disposable income for the hired help, and the neglect, well I dabble in neglect by sheer predisposition and it seriously isn't as fun as it sounds.

So in the spirit of "too garden" I began a project last spring. Project, move-the-bloody-bordering stones-somewhere-else. It's a bit wordy. I was full steam ahead for a few nights, weeks went by and I steamed ahead. So much so that the hubster watched in bemused amazement as I plopped stones hither and yon. We also painted the fence, sealed the concrete, and power washed like sea captains. I learned something very valuable about myself as I took on this project.
I learned that I'm a spring gardener. In so much that I best fit all the heavy, back breaking labour into the spring time table because as soon as July and August hit, I'm a lounger. I'm in the backyard but I ain't working. I'm playing with the kidlet, reading, tanning, cooking, the occassional weeding and watering, but the buck stops there folks.
You'd think fall would get me motivated again. Well it does, motivated to use the firepit on a bi-weekly basis. Motivated to curl up under a thick sleeping bag with a book while I listen to the dried wood sizzle and pop in a roaring fire. Do you see where I'm going with all this? Probably not. Well here it is. I'm going to finish the bloody rock garden this year. I have a couple months before July, I think it can be done.

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