• Starting some seedlings; cucumbers, herbs, and tomatoes. Looking to start some flowers as well, any suggestions?
  • The other day, the plumbing went at Kia's school and every single toilet in the school overflowed. The kids had to go to the recreation center beside their school to use the bathroom for the rest of the day. Kia said, when she went, "it was like the whole school was there." If I had been in school, I would have found every excuse in the book to go to the bathroom muliple times.
  • Power washer issues: a connection between the cord and the machine burst over winter, as there must have been some water left in there. I had great intentions of power washing the driveway prior to the street sweeper coming by. Instead, I just hosed the dirt of the driveway, it looks way better, but I figure I wasted way more water.
  • There's a light dusting of the white stuff on the ground. It didn't stick on the driveway, but it left it's mark on the grass and I could just cry about it.
  • I want to create a lower fire pit. I often feel as though our fire is hidden by the pit and so I'm going to try setting up with a shorter surround. Here's a link to what it looks like now and I want something a bit more like this:
  • I totally don't think I can get this, as having some sort of surround is necessary for safety, but I'm going for something a bit more low and will share photos down the road.

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