Lots of baking this weekend. Sugar cookies to share with my Young Women's class were made yesterday. I had lots of butter left over and so I decided to pull out the cookie press and make some whipped shortbread cookies. I decided to make some little packages of wrapped cookies to give to the ladies I visit teach. I'll pass them along at church today.

Super easy packaging: I used long cellophane wrappers, a cardboard base covered with a long patterned strip of paper. Kia and Russ spent the most part of the day outside. Russ in his workshop and Kia rediscovering the trampoline and her toys that have been in storage since October. Lots of soccer and hula hooping.
The yard still isn't snow free, even though we had a thunder and lightning storm the other day. But it's slowly getting there. I thought this photo was a good indication of life in our Northern town; summer dress and still the remnants of a very snowy winter in the shadier parts of the yard.
An ongoing project throughout the morning was this Hanna Montana puzzle that all three of us contributed to making.
We finished the day with our first BBQ of 2009 to everyone's happiness. Wishing you all a great Easter!

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