I'm all the Nikki you'll ever need.

I've been working in our food storage this morning. Cleaning out the empty boxes, dividing all the bits and bobs into recycling, filling the shelves with our booty from my morning grocery shop. It's boring work, but so very satisfying to see the shelves fill up, know that my family has the blessing of our basic need and a shelf or two of wants. Seeing the little room filled and all neat and tidy. Good stuff.

I know you're all wondering (ha!) but I'm sure you will be pleased to hear that my finger is all better. Yes, surely it has been keeping you up at nights; "Hmmm, I'm worried about Nikki's boo boo, I hope she updates her blog and tells me how she's doing..." and then you drift off into a troubled sleep. To clarify, I am better but it has been my worst band-aid experience. My family has been very supportive during this troubled time. :P


Clearly, there is not much to share. I'm dealing with a bully issue that is effecting Kia, but I'm fairly certain there will be a good resolution to the problem. Bully's are people too and all that nonesense, but hurt my kid again and I'll go into shock and awe mode. Word.

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