Guess where we went?

Firstly, it's next to impossible to go to this particular place and not see herds of bison. I can't recall a time I've not seen bison when going there, or passing through.

We had a great hike. It was so quiet. We saw oodles of silent beaver lodges, with the exception of one possible nose sighting all was calm on the beaver front today. The squirrels more than made up for the beavers lack of activity. They were their usual fiesty, busy bodied selves. I especially loved how well their coats fit into their surroundings...perfectly matching the stones and grasslands they reside in.

The water was particularly beautiful, crystal clear and still frozen, the islands in the center of the lake were seperated with masse of ice not yet melted.

Then of course there more Wood Bison to admire, as they watched us with steady gazes.

We did a short 3.5 km hike that offered some lake views, and a nice grassy trail to explore. I might have given my family the challenge to do every hike in the park over the next year (or until our park pass runs out). Okay, that had to have been a giveaway where in the world were the Workmans?

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