Friend Review: Kari Lynn

Kari Lynn is my hippie friend. She takes her wheat whole. The first time I ate a chocolate chip cookie that she had made I assumed it was made with whole wheat flour because she simply ran out of white flour. Nope, she planned it that way, I must clarify this comment by saying she has never made another batch of whole wheat chocolate chip cookies again, at least that I have eaten, but this has more with her lack of interest in baking than a sudden shift towards white flour. People, she puts ground flax on her yogurt and will keep on doing it long after the fad runs out.

Kari Lynn has a unique family. Its a truly awe inspiring mix of yours, mine, ours, wants it and gonna gets it. I think it's cool how she'll see a child, wipe it's runny nose, and then find a way to make that little runny nosed person belong to her forever.

She loves books. Books make her strong, like the sun does for Superman. They trick her into thinking she can do anything (make her own , garden, cook, bake, knit, paint, speak french, play the mandolin). She's also really frugal. Idea books in the hands of spendthrift causes all sorts of mischief. Didn't Jane Austen write something like that? Oh and between the two of us we have probably watched the movie Emma enough times to start being interviewed as experts on CNN. Just saying (in case they're looking for middle aged Canadian women to weigh in on any Emma movie related topics in the upcoming days).

She is one of my only friends that actually has a sense of style (sorry other friends, but we both know this is true). By style I mean, if I'm shopping in Value Village I can always finds a few items that are just so "Kari Lynn". Her daughter may disagree and has been known to comment to me when she leaves the car, "Nikki, what is my Mom wearing?" Dunno, Abby but it somehow always works.

-she will inspire you to eat more fruit
-she hasn't killed anyone yet
-she can synchronize swim on land
-she's got a temper and has never used it on me

-likes bubble tea
-the mini van is officially full
-her husband is allergic to everything
-expert on cloth diapers

If you ever need to sit on a couch with someone at midnight listening to a song about missing bees when you go to another world, and having baffled conversations regarding pickled herrings - you couldn't do better. Trust me.

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