Easter Monday

We started the weekend with a big halibut fish fry on Thursday night that was delish! Seriously, Russ wants me to make a weekly tradition of it. Maybe monthly, halibut is a bit on the pricey side. Friday we headed into Edmonton, looked at the Full House lottery showhomes, dropped by KL and Richards to look at siding that is stucco, checkout a few things and then headed home to watch Marley and Me. Sniff sniff.

We celebrated Easter on Sunday. I made a stuffed turkey breast, mashed potatoes, and corn. Kept it simple. Kinda gross find across the street; before we ate I helped the neighborhood kids deal with a dead blue jay they had found. Kinda ruined the concept of eating turkey, but I worked through the trauma. We had dogs, bunnies, strange children, and familiar children through the house this weekend and we survived to tell the tale.

I have plans to gather all the sticks and branches that have fallen in the yard over the winter and possibly have a firepit tonight. We'll see how much energy I find!

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