Back in the garden again

Afternoons spent in the garden have returned. I spent an hour with my composter yesterday and the two of us had a fine time. I even had Kia excited about composting and saying things like, "it feels so light" and "look at the black compost near the bottom!" Statements like that warm my heart. I measured, I mapped, I raked, I dug...I'm such a spring gardener. Don't be fooled though, once July and August come, I'm ruined.

I have been working on heap compost pile in the garden, that also seems to be coming along nicely, but will require some heat so I'll have to add some high-nitrogen meal to fire it up. Since my garden for this year is all mapped out and measured, I've been toying with the idea of digging up the area where I plan to put my potatoes and lacing the base with a rich blend of organics. I'd like to try a super early batch of potatoes, no harm done if we have a heavy frost as a large crop of seed potatoes is a mere $5.00 investment. So by the beginning of May, I'll give that a try.

I also plan on sodding about 350 square feet of the unused garden area, but also adding some square footage to the east corner of the garden where it gets lots of sun. Between that project, some shrubs that I we want to plant for privacy and the rock can imagine where my time will be spent over the next 10+ weeks. Now...if only the freak snow storms will stay away.

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