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Friend Review: Kari Lynn

Kari Lynn is my hippie friend. She takes her wheat whole. The first time I ate a chocolate chip cookie that she had made I assumed it was made with whole wheat flour because she simply ran out of white flour. Nope, she planned it that way, I must clarify this comment by saying she has never made another batch of whole wheat chocolate chip cookies again, at least that I have eaten, but this has more with her lack of interest in baking than a sudden shift towards white flour. People, she puts ground flax on her yogurt and will keep on doing it long after the fad runs out.

Kari Lynn has a unique family. Its a truly awe inspiring mix of yours, mine, ours, wants it and gonna gets it. I think it's cool how she'll see a child, wipe it's runny nose, and then find a way to make that little runny nosed person belong to her forever.

She loves books. Books make her strong, like the sun does for Superman. They trick her into thinking she can do anything (make her own , garden, coo…

Sound of Music Dancers

This is the best! It will make your day.

Time to "complete" what I started

I may complain about my old house from time to time (like on a nightly basis as I scramble into my ice cold bed in our very poorly insulated bedroom) but there are some pretty awesome things about our home. One being, we have the best driveway. The creator of our driveway, in his infinite wisdom created a lovely flowerbed. It's super easy to make this spot look great. It's truly idiot proof.

But alas, we cannot dwell on the wonder of our front yard when there is so very much to be done in the back. We have a great patio space and lovely firepit area that the past resident installed...but the overwhelms us, it's just so darn big!

Once you become a homeowner you have two choices, too garden or not too garden. "Not" can be accomplished by neglect or by hiring help to do it for you. We, however do not have that kind of disposable income for the hired help, and the neglect, well I dabble in neglect by sheer predisposition and it seriously isn't as…

Guess where we went?

Firstly, it's next to impossible to go to this particular place and not see herds of bison. I can't recall a time I've not seen bison when going there, or passing through.

We had a great hike. It was so quiet. We saw oodles of silent beaver lodges, with the exception of one possible nose sighting all was calm on the beaver front today. The squirrels more than made up for the beavers lack of activity. They were their usual fiesty, busy bodied selves. I especially loved how well their coats fit into their surroundings...perfectly matching the stones and grasslands they reside in.

The water was particularly beautiful, crystal clear and still frozen, the islands in the center of the lake were seperated with masse of ice not yet melted.

Then of course there more Wood Bison to admire, as they watched us with steady gazes.

We did a short 3.5 km hike that offered some lake views, and a nice grassy trail to explore. I might have given my family the challenge to do every hike in th…


Starting some seedlings; cucumbers, herbs, and tomatoes. Looking to start some flowers as well, any suggestions?The other day, the plumbing went at Kia's school and every single toilet in the school overflowed. The kids had to go to the recreation center beside their school to use the bathroom for the rest of the day. Kia said, when she went, "it was like the whole school was there." If I had been in school, I would have found every excuse in the book to go to the bathroom muliple times.Power washer issues: a connection between the cord and the machine burst over winter, as there must have been some water left in there. I had great intentions of power washing the driveway prior to the street sweeper coming by. Instead, I just hosed the dirt of the driveway, it looks way better, but I figure I wasted way more water.
There's a light dusting of the white stuff on the ground. It didn't stick on the driveway, but it left it's mark on the grass and I could j…

Why Compost?

Early spring is a great time to set a composting system and most gardeners I know are interested in trying their hand at composting. I'm a fair weather composter and a novice to boot but here are some things I've learned over the past couple years of study and pursuit.

When I first began gardening, I used peat moss like it was lip gloss. It was my go-to-product. When all else failed, add peat moss. Peat moss is an amazing substance, harvested from bogs. The thing is that even though these bogs are plentiful, peat moss takes hundreds of years to form and actually only add 1 yard of depth every 1000 years. Once these bogs are harvested the eco structure of these places is changed forever and because of the crazy long time frame, we don't really know the effects of harvesting this product over the long term. Then when one considers the fuels required to dig, transport, vacuum and bale it...well, the appeal of homemade compost went up a notch or two. I still have a huge v…

Back in the garden again

Afternoons spent in the garden have returned. I spent an hour with my composter yesterday and the two of us had a fine time. I even had Kia excited about composting and saying things like, "it feels so light" and "look at the black compost near the bottom!" Statements like that warm my heart. I measured, I mapped, I raked, I dug...I'm such a spring gardener. Don't be fooled though, once July and August come, I'm ruined.

I have been working on heap compost pile in the garden, that also seems to be coming along nicely, but will require some heat so I'll have to add some high-nitrogen meal to fire it up. Since my garden for this year is all mapped out and measured, I've been toying with the idea of digging up the area where I plan to put my potatoes and lacing the base with a rich blend of organics. I'd like to try a super early batch of potatoes, no harm done if we have a heavy frost as a large crop of seed potatoes is a mere $5.00 investm…

Moving you forward

Have you ever had a period of time in your life where you aren't really going anywhere? Not in the sense of travel, but in the sense of your life moving forward to something worthwhile you want to achieve?

Ya, me niether. ;)

It's the mantra of the "Meet the Robinsons" - Keep moving forward.

Quotes abound:

Playing safe is probably the most unsafe thing in the world. You cannot stand still. You must move forward. ~ Robert Collier

Count your blessings. Once you realize how valuable you are and how much you have going for you, the smiles will return, the sun will break out, the music will play, and you will finally be able to move forward the life that God intended for you with grace, strength, courage and confidence. ~ Og Mandino

So my question to you, is your life moving you forward? To this question there are only two outcomes: it is or it isn't. If it isn't maybe you are stuck at some bend in the road, with your wheels spinning hopelessly in the muddy track…

Columns and why I can't write them

I love when blogs have weekly columns that follow a theme. Maybe Friday they share Photos, or Monday they share a new recipe, Tuesdays are photoshop tips. Sadly, I don't have any real specialties. I dabble in many things, but master none, sort of excuse. I could have a weekly "Where's Waldo" type column where I hunt for my lost portable house phone (Where's the phone?)but that would demand taking photos of my house, in which I seem capable of maintaining a front room ready only rule.

Instead I thought I'd share with you some helpful reviews on people I know. To keep it interesting, I'll do it whenever I want, rather than tie myself down to something as predictable as a week. Now...whomever should my first victim subject be.

Mary. Who lives in the Lethbridge area and may or may not be accepting applications for friendship.

I've known my friend Mary for about 16 years. Mary and I have walked the backroads of Penticton for long hours having interesting d…

Easter Monday

We started the weekend with a big halibut fish fry on Thursday night that was delish! Seriously, Russ wants me to make a weekly tradition of it. Maybe monthly, halibut is a bit on the pricey side. Friday we headed into Edmonton, looked at the Full House lottery showhomes, dropped by KL and Richards to look at siding that is stucco, checkout a few things and then headed home to watch Marley and Me. Sniff sniff.

We celebrated Easter on Sunday. I made a stuffed turkey breast, mashed potatoes, and corn. Kept it simple. Kinda gross find across the street; before we ate I helped the neighborhood kids deal with a dead blue jay they had found. Kinda ruined the concept of eating turkey, but I worked through the trauma. We had dogs, bunnies, strange children, and familiar children through the house this weekend and we survived to tell the tale.

I have plans to gather all the sticks and branches that have fallen in the yard over the winter and possibly have a firepit tonight. We'll se…


Lots of baking this weekend. Sugar cookies to share with my Young Women's class were made yesterday. I had lots of butter left over and so I decided to pull out the cookie press and make some whipped shortbread cookies. I decided to make some little packages of wrapped cookies to give to the ladies I visit teach. I'll pass them along at church today.

Super easy packaging: I used long cellophane wrappers, a cardboard base covered with a long patterned strip of paper. Kia and Russ spent the most part of the day outside. Russ in his workshop and Kia rediscovering the trampoline and her toys that have been in storage since October. Lots of soccer and hula hooping.
The yard still isn't snow free, even though we had a thunder and lightning storm the other day. But it's slowly getting there. I thought this photo was a good indication of life in our Northern town; summer dress and still the remnants of a very snowy winter in the shadier parts of the yard.
An ongoing pro…

I'm all the Nikki you'll ever need.

I've been working in our food storage this morning. Cleaning out the empty boxes, dividing all the bits and bobs into recycling, filling the shelves with our booty from my morning grocery shop. It's boring work, but so very satisfying to see the shelves fill up, know that my family has the blessing of our basic need and a shelf or two of wants. Seeing the little room filled and all neat and tidy. Good stuff.

I know you're all wondering (ha!) but I'm sure you will be pleased to hear that my finger is all better. Yes, surely it has been keeping you up at nights; "Hmmm, I'm worried about Nikki's boo boo, I hope she updates her blog and tells me how she's doing..." and then you drift off into a troubled sleep. To clarify, I am better but it has been my worst band-aid experience. My family has been very supportive during this troubled time. :P


Clearly, there is not much to share. I'm dealing with a bully issue that is effecting Kia…

Missy Higgins I heart you