The Lord IS good to me

It's one of those days where...
I'm strong. Then the next moment I'm crumbling.
I have faith. Then just as suddenly I'm questioning.
I feel good. Then suddenly I have a sense of anxiety.
I'm wallowing. Then I get an opportunity to serve.

I was reading Debbi's blog post about balance. Girl I am so with you!

I am a slow study. But I do know that He really does know me. He is infinitely patient (a necessary trait for those that really do know me). He's ever so wise. I laid in bed last night thinking about all these opportunities to serve that have been presented to Russ and I this week. Service is something that immediately brings a sense of peace and allows joy to bloom even through the most abandoned and desperate conditions.

As with many people out there, we have our share of trials and worries. Russ and I take shifts in letting it keep us up at night. Despite it all, I'm being invited to serve. Some may think this would be a straw to break the precarious balance of it all, but it's not. Through all the worries and searching for answers, I feel like we are being given the ability to handle it all through our opportunities to serve others. We need a sense of peace and joy, this week and moving forward. The alternative is a week of us being self consumed with our immediate circumstances and not looking forward to the bigger picture.

Right now I get that, I still may worry too much, I still may not walk the talk every minute that I should. Somewhere deep down, I do recognize the truth of it and I'm not silly enough to take for granted how truly blessed I am.

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