Happy Night with Beyonce

Forgive my very blurry photos taken by my 4 year old little camera (gasp - ancient) I took in my pocket. It's the best I could do! The video is especially awful, but then I make no claims to having a steady hand.
Russ landed tickets to Beyonce. Really really good tickets, and he chose them because he knows I enjoy Beyonce. It was her opening show for her new world tour. Why, you may wonder, would Beyonce choose to dance and prance her first tour show in the nether regions of Canada? Because, dude, it's truly timbuktoo to some someone like Beyonce and we're a very forgiving folk, top that off with a media ban and you have a good place to work out the bugs. The woman needs no forgiveness, there was a few panel issues with the screen in the beginning but the show was freaking fantastic. It was a solid 2 hrs + of the woman dancing, singing and entertaining her very lovely bottom off.

The local Sun has a review here. It breaks down some of the concert which I will not do. Russ was fairly blaise about the whole thing but he thought it was a really good show also. At one point he turned to me and asked, "why do all the girls scream when she shakes her butt?" Um...could he not see that I was one of the butt shaking screamers? Dude, it's BEYONCE shaking it, right there, right there! We need no other reason.
I just loved it. L O V E D it. Just makes you want to take your own talent, whatever it is, and just revel in it. Live it out loud and make no apologies for what you love to do. The stage was huge, with a giant screen in the back that really added to the grandeaur of the stage. She also had a platform in the center of the room which she performed about 4 songs on, including a Destiny's Child montage and oodles of dancing, oh and she flew there. Like Peter Pan. Here are some random tidbits from my camera.

video video video
She closed the show with a simple statement: Edmonton, I am yours. I think it's safe to say the feeling was mutual.

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