I started this blog post this morning and now, as I'm madly trying to get out the door and to the gym I've decided to try and finish it. Ya, good luck with that. So the topics for today are: Exhaustion, taxes, snow and window treatments

Exhaustion. No real good reason for it, yet I truly feel like I had a fantastic night sleep and yet I'm pretty sure if I went back to bed right now I could sleep for a solid 6+ hours.

Taxes. It's tax time around these parts and because of it, I've spent almost a solid week searching, calculating and organizing all things bill and money related. If this was my full time job...papers and numbers and balancing said numbers...I think I might become a serial killer, just to add a smackrel of diversion to my day. J/K. Thank God for accountants.

Snow. It has been snowing all morning and my car is hidden under whiteness and makes me feel blah about going out.

Window Treatments. When I haven't been tired (and when I have), not killing people, finding receipts, lamenting about snowfall, I've been thinking a great deal about window treatments. How I'd like different ones in our bedroom, and something different in the kitchen. It's random. But seriously I'll finish calculating my receipts for March and I'll suddenly think, "ohhh matchstick roller blinds might be nice in the kitchen." I'm not even kidding.

Somewhere in west Edmonton a guy that looks like my husband just rolled his eyes.

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