accident prone and fam

Man, I had a close call today. I accidently cracked a glass against the cupboard door as I was putting dishes away. The glass broke in my hand and I ended up slicing my hand with glass and cutting open 3 fingers. One is seemed uber deep yet I think it's going to be fine, my husband came to my rescue. Ruined his lunch, hard to eat tomato sauce on pasta after seeing so much blood. Poor guy. I'll live. Just another stupid Nikki accident.

In cuter news look how adorable my Bro in law and Sis in law look in this picture taken while in Southern Alberta last weekend. I had my ancient camera and couldn't get them mid jump, but they're hovering weightless on the tramp and that's got to count for something.
Here's one of me and Kia taken the other day. She's getting so big!
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