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accident prone and fam

Man, I had a close call today. I accidently cracked a glass against the cupboard door as I was putting dishes away. The glass broke in my hand and I ended up slicing my hand with glass and cutting open 3 fingers. One is seemed uber deep yet I think it's going to be fine, my husband came to my rescue. Ruined his lunch, hard to eat tomato sauce on pasta after seeing so much blood. Poor guy. I'll live. Just another stupid Nikki accident.

In cuter news look how adorable my Bro in law and Sis in law look in this picture taken while in Southern Alberta last weekend. I had my ancient camera and couldn't get them mid jump, but they're hovering weightless on the tramp and that's got to count for something.
Here's one of me and Kia taken the other day. She's getting so big!

Happy Night with Beyonce

Forgive my very blurry photos taken by my 4 year old little camera (gasp - ancient) I took in my pocket. It's the best I could do! The video is especially awful, but then I make no claims to having a steady hand.
Russ landed tickets to Beyonce. Really really good tickets, and he chose them because he knows I enjoy Beyonce. It was her opening show for her new world tour. Why, you may wonder, would Beyonce choose to dance and prance her first tour show in the nether regions of Canada? Because, dude, it's truly timbuktoo to some someone like Beyonce and we're a very forgiving folk, top that off with a media ban and you have a good place to work out the bugs. The woman needs no forgiveness, there was a few panel issues with the screen in the beginning but the show was freaking fantastic. It was a solid 2 hrs + of the woman dancing, singing and entertaining her very lovely bottom off.

The local Sun has a review here. It breaks down some of the concert which I will not do…

Lawdy Lawdy

I have found new and redundant ways to punish my body this week. I have been trying to make up for a few weeks of ordinary workout sessions by having 3 days of extreme workout sessions. The result? Pain. Stiffness. Exhaustion. A husband that has been subjected to nightly whine sessions that he tolerates.

The lesson learned: Workout harder everyday, because last chance workouts suck.

Blog Sabbatical

Hey ya'll...I'm attempting to fill my week with spring cleaning tasks. Enjoy your week!

The Lord IS good to me

It's one of those days where...
I'm strong. Then the next moment I'm crumbling.
I have faith. Then just as suddenly I'm questioning.
I feel good. Then suddenly I have a sense of anxiety.
I'm wallowing. Then I get an opportunity to serve.

I was reading Debbi's blog post about balance. Girl I am so with you!

I am a slow study. But I do know that He really does know me. He is infinitely patient (a necessary trait for those that really do know me). He's ever so wise. I laid in bed last night thinking about all these opportunities to serve that have been presented to Russ and I this week. Service is something that immediately brings a sense of peace and allows joy to bloom even through the most abandoned and desperate conditions.

As with many people out there, we have our share of trials and worries. Russ and I take shifts in letting it keep us up at night. Despite it all, I'm being invited to serve. Some may think this would be a straw to break the pre…

Not much on the go.


Tends to slow things down. Like my car. My will to live.

Yesterday the cardio corridor at GARC (my usual gym) was beyond freezing. The south wall is all glass and it was not holding out any cold. Then some duffus had turned on every fan to full blast. It was one of those workouts where I couldn't read my body, because the environment around me was just so darn chilly. I think I had a good workout?

In other news the youth talent showcase is coming up and all the young women leaders are working on a "special" musical number with dancing. Pause and imagine me taking part...wait for it...wait for it...BLING...I'm quite sure I look even more ridiculous than you even imagine.

I love love love the iPod I bought Russ for last Christmas and now use exclusively. It is happiness in a little silver case. In closing I thought I'd share a few of my favorite workout songs of late.

Workout Songs

Have a good one!


Lost is killing me with goodness this year. I can't even handle how great each minute is. Remember when they first discovered the VW van and found the body of a guy. His Dharma uniform had the name LaFleur on it. Pause and feel sorrow with me, if you know what that means. :(

3 Photo Friday

A blast of memories. Images that make me smile and hopefully will provide some happy family memories to all my far away family.

All Full Up

(My Mom and Dad's Engagement Photo)
Kiki and I have heart to hearts all the time lately. These really meaningful conversations pop up on a tri-daily basis. They start so innocently, "Mom, does Jesus really love everybody?", "What makes somebody do such bad things?", "Are there messages from Heaven in our dreams?" Really cool conversations have been born by these simple questions.

Sometimes they don't start with a question as much as they start with a statement. She had expressed some sadness about only having one set of Grandparents. I tried to express understanding, but truly this is her challenge. I knew both my Grandmothers, and one Grandfather as a child and even though they have all passed on, I had significant relationships with each of them. She doesn't have the blessing of knowing two very important people in this life. So I asked her what it was like, and what was hard about it.

We had a wonderful discussion about how this affected…


I started this blog post this morning and now, as I'm madly trying to get out the door and to the gym I've decided to try and finish it. Ya, good luck with that. So the topics for today are: Exhaustion, taxes, snow and window treatments

Exhaustion. No real good reason for it, yet I truly feel like I had a fantastic night sleep and yet I'm pretty sure if I went back to bed right now I could sleep for a solid 6+ hours.

Taxes. It's tax time around these parts and because of it, I've spent almost a solid week searching, calculating and organizing all things bill and money related. If this was my full time job...papers and numbers and balancing said numbers...I think I might become a serial killer, just to add a smackrel of diversion to my day. J/K. Thank God for accountants.

Snow. It has been snowing all morning and my car is hidden under whiteness and makes me feel blah about going out.

Window Treatments. When I haven't been tired (and when I have), not killing…