Well why not

I've shared my ab roll story with some close friends, and they still love me so maybe you will to (we're all friends right?). There's a nice quiet and dark stretching room at my gym. There's lots of odd little devices filling the corners of this room. I've seen this ab wheel before, but one day this guy came in and started working it. Dang! It looked kinda fun, and really hard to do. He did 3 sets of 12 and then took off. I was all alone in the room and figured it was do or die time. So I grabbed the roller and tried to do what I had just seen him do and for anyone interested you can watch a multitude of folks do this routine on YouTube and I pray to God that there is no hidden camera example of me doing it there.

I set my mat up close to the wall, so that the wall would work as my stop point. Then I did one. Not too bad, harder pulling up then down for sure. Then I did another one. My arms started shaking a bit on the way down, then a bit more on the way up. Still alone in the room thank you! So I decided to do one more. Oh My Sweet Heaven. My body was having an earthquake and once that wheel hit the wall I new there was no coming back. I was kinda in the superman diver pose and the only way out of it was to roll over. Yup. It looked as stupid as it sounds. I literally fell over, panting and red faced. Only myself a witness to my shame.

I've laughed about it since. That was a little over 3 weeks ago. Today I did it again. Guess what? I did 2 sets of 10 reps. For real. I didn't fall over, I didn't have the crazy body earthquakes of 3 weeks ago. It hurt, but I did it anyway and two guys even saw me do it. Dude, it could have been a bad scene! I think my pride forced me to see it through as much as my stronger body supported me doing it.

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