Three Photo Friday

Thought I'd share a few older photos that I rediscovered recently. If I still scrapbooked, and no, I haven't scrapbooked in about 2 years, I would be scrapping them today. Instead, the blog will suffice. Sometimes our photos need to sit for awhile in their little data driven folders until we revisit and notice something of interest.

This one is of Russ sitting in a CF-18 at the Calgary Stampede this past summer. I love the soldier standing on the wing, the people gazing in to take a look, the blue sky, the plane. It all tells a story.Ah, Woodbadge II family camp. It was the best of was the worst of times. This photo brings a happy memory though. Kia returning from her day camp, hands full of newly made goodies, necklaces on, big smile and empty mug of water. Hard to forget the millions of wasps and bees that swirled the clover covered grass, the outhouses baking in the blazing sun, but always Kia's happy smile at coming home and my delight of welcoming her there.

A harder one to share. I have a similiar photo of Kia and I reading on my facebook account. I'm getting old. It's a very unforgiving photo, no makeup, wrinkles and all, imperfect skin, imperfect teeth. The whole lot yet, I see beauty here. It's in my love for this little girl in my arms. Truly the thing I want most, I already have...someone to love (though a little eye cream might not hurt).

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