An Open Letter to Employers,

Dear Business Owners,

I'm sure you're all worried and concerned regarding the economic situation and how it is effecting your business and longevity as a player in your industry. As families, and employees we feel the burden of this also. Time we used to spend pursuing hobbies is now spent creating worse case scenario plans and procedures, should we become one of the many people effected by a sudden lay off spree. We know your bottom line is more important than ever, and you feel a great sense of urgency in expressing these needs and desires to your staff.

In the process of these communications, let me remind you, that every employee has the right to their dignity. Your pressures should never supersede an individual's right to be treated with decency, and not humiliated, harassed and roasted for what eventually reveals your own lack of foresight and business prowess. Employment is not akin to slavery, and every employee should be provided the right to unplug from work, to worship or rest without the need to check emails and messages. One person cannot do it all. Mistakes will happen, but a lynch mob should not be summoned for every eventuality. To get more from your employees, and produce greater results with less team members, it does very little good to alienate the team that remains, and that includes the family support system of your employees.

It would seem, from my own observations, that this economic turn is giving many employers a lost sense of power. Where once you felt beholden to accept mediocre, you know sense the thrill of the hunt. Balance is something we all must live with. Yet, even your quality employees could be perceived as individuals who are now more dispensable and more easily replaced. I remind you of the importance of loyalty. These employees, saw something in you, tolerated your broken promises and extra burdens, and it is time to reward those who have been genuinely loyal to your cause. Even if that loyalty can only be communicated as hard truth, it is better than misappropriated blame.

It is my hope that employers, no matter how hard pressed they become by the economic stresses of their role, remember to treat their employees with decency, honesty, and respect. It will be earned back in kind from those you employ and, as much as money in the bank, is what will allow your business to survive the challenges ahead and thrive in the future.


the Team that remains

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