Memories of the past two ibuprofen induced days.

Dancing to Beyonce in the kitchen with Kia.
Helping the kidlet as she makes her first, and quite possibly only, Kub Kar.
The surprise black hole that Daddy brought home for Kia.
Laughing at Ricky Gervais,...the guy cracks me up.
A great night at Dallas Pizza despite the waitress who sucked.
Making 10 freezer meals.
Forcing Russ to buy the wrong knobby rod at Totem because I wanted to save $14.00.
Did you totally catch the part about me having food in the freezer and still going out to eat!
That's like 11 meals now plus take home snacks...12!
Asking Kia when the last time she bathed was and not getting a concrete answer.
Saving Russ from an insurance spike.
Kissing my husband in some strange mini van at the car show.
Not going to the ward sledding party...-17'C is a tad too chilly to be barreling down slopes.
Going to the Motor show instead.
Liking cars I never knew I would.
Disliking cars I thought I would like.
Being content with the cars we have.
Sitting in a warm shuttle.
Spending some time at the Old Book Shoppe.
Kia's epiphany.
She now knows that "nuts" mean more than the the kind that dwell in Peanut Butter...thank you Radio station billboard.
Laughing about sillyness.
Living without deserts and desserts.
Crying while watching Nights on Rodanthe, while Russ slept through the entire movie beside me.
Just to be clear.
I cried because it was romantic and tragic in a wistful, ironic sort of way.
The tears had nothing to do with the very tired guy cozily snuggled up beside me.
I reread a book series I love even though I knew the final book is no longer coming out in February.
I did laundry.
I facebooked.
I blogged.
I am now complete.

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