Harper on CNN

Sometimes having cable on the Elliptical Trainer provides me with little gems. Like watching the Israeli singer, Yael Naim, sing Britney Spears Toxic. It started out so good...and then, it just got so very weird, don't believe me, try to sing along. Then there was yesterday, catching my Prime Minister doing an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN. Now I have no great love for Wolf Blitzer (hah, you thought I was going after Harper, maybe another day). I mean, did you hear him blunder through the inauguration?! Dude, that was just embarrassing, not as embarrassing as The Jonas Brothers and Stevie Wonder on the Grammies, but still really bad. None the less, the interview is a good read, so I thought I'd share. Part 2 is airing today, with highlights from Obama's first official visit to Canada. On a side note, is anyone else sick of their spell checkers suggestion for the perceived misspelling of the name Obama? For the love of Pete, I'm not trying to right the word Alabama, Obidiah, Obadias or Bamako!

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