Happy V Day

Well, the Valentines Day surprise was a stay at Fantasyland. Something to check off the bucket list. We've lived here for 6 years + and I figured it was time to try out one of those Staycations everyone was talking about when gas prices were so crazy.
Russ wasn't in on it and around 4 pm on Friday, Kia and I called him from our hotel room and told him what to do and where to meet us. We were in Western themed room and it was awesome! The tub...oh the fantastic tub. Happiness.

After supper we went to Galaxyland and cashed in the 3 hours before closing ride pass. Russ and Kia spent the the next three hours riding ride after ride. It was really quiet there and for the most part there was no waiting, just hop on and ride. Sweet!

Kia loved the room. She's crazy for horses and so the cowboy, western theme was right up her alley. I had given her a hint prior to our stay that upset her. I told her she would get to spend the night in jail on Valentines Day. I didn't lie!

I share this next photo with you, to show you how tall Kia is getting! Holy crap, she's going to be as tall as me soon!

Before we checked out, I saw this note that Kia left...so cute.

So we spent 6 hours at the Waterpark today. Yup. We're waterlogged and our feet are sore, but we had a great time. Note the photo of the stairs. No need for extra gym time today!

I only pulled the camera in at the end of our day, mainly to get a photo of Russ going down the crazy steep slide. Russ and Kia started playing in the wave pool before we left, and I snapped a few more.

We're bagged, and looking forward to lounging in the Den with a good movie. Hope you had a great Valentines day!

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