I had the best surprise visit today. Seriously, I am so giddy over it. My dear friends from Penticton (well back in the day, they live somewhere else now), Steve and Sally Wiltse, dropped by unannounced and we just chatted and visited the early afternoon away. It was such a joy to see them again and feel the love I have for them both just bubble up to the surface after all these years. I really feel blessed today.

Sally was the first person that showed up at my door after my Mom died. She heard the news in church, left the meeting and came straight to my house. I still remember her walking into the kitchen her arms outstretched with tears pouring down her face and just embracing me. Man I love her. Both of them have been such a light in my life and seeing them again, reminded me of so many sweet memories, and even better than that, reminded me that friendships continue.

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