Do It Anyway

The snow tends to slow things down. Perhaps it only slows down the thinking process...but still things slow down with snow. Especially lots of snow, like we've been getting. I have grand plans of doing all these errands, but the thought of bundling myself up, cleaning the snow off my car, and driving in the whiteness leaves me staring out the window pondering what else I could do. Lucky, for me there are so many things that need doing right here in this house.

Edit. Purge. Clean. Sort. Organize. Wash. Study. Scrub. Calculate. Find. Prepare. Cook.

Clearly, there are things to be done.

I thought I'd update you on the fitness front. Getting in shape is such a huge goal for anyone. It all sounds so fun and exciting in the beginning and in many ways it really is fun. Though once you get started you realize it's all work, and it's all planning and follow through. Not to mention my support team of medical and fitness professionals expect no less than my full attention to every aspect of the process. Here's a sampling of things I hear or are yelled at me:

"It's science!"
Dude, I didn't do well at science in high school, and clearly my body has flunked since.

"If the weight isn't coming off then your doing something wrong!"
To which your mind will instantly file and organize all your cheats and the accountability is again on you.

"If you're not sweating, you're not working hard enough!"
Nothing like a mannish sweat sheen to make you feel attractive at the gym.

"Time line! The only time line that matters is your not fat and your not dead in a year!"
True, d'at.

"I don't care if it hurts, I care that you do it anyway!"
Thank you Epsom Salts.

I have some mantra's of my own I thought I'd share. Phrases that I repeat to myself when I'm spinning on the spin bike and my thighs are burning and sweat is pouring off me. Or when I'm happy go lucky on the Elliptical, and maybe not giving it my all.

One is, "I'm not going to die." I totally do feel like I'm going to die, and I think I might even look like I'm going to die but clearly I survive the experience.

Another is "no excuses". When the weight room is filled with adolescent boys that all turn to look and watch every move you make and snicker..."no excuses" comes in pretty handy in those moments. When the snow is falling and the roads are icy, "no excuses" gets me out the door.

My other and final mantra that I'm aware of is "do it anyway". I may have a headache, no clean workout clothes, a huge list of other things that need doing...but when it comes to fitting in my exercise I have to "do it anyway." Also a good incentive to keep the workout clothes laundry current.

I don't have an end date goal, I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that for me to be healthy, I will be living like this for the rest of my life. My only "finish line" goal is to have a 30 inch waist. Some would think that is a pretty boring goal. I'm okay with that. And for all those readers who have a 30 inch waist and still feel like their's all relative baby.

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