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Memories of the past two ibuprofen induced days.

Dancing to Beyonce in the kitchen with Kia.
Helping the kidlet as she makes her first, and quite possibly only, Kub Kar.
The surprise black hole that Daddy brought home for Kia.
Laughing at Ricky Gervais,...the guy cracks me up.
A great night at Dallas Pizza despite the waitress who sucked.
Making 10 freezer meals.
Forcing Russ to buy the wrong knobby rod at Totem because I wanted to save $14.00.
Did you totally catch the part about me having food in the freezer and still going out to eat!
That's like 11 meals now plus take home snacks...12!
Asking Kia when the last time she bathed was and not getting a concrete answer.
Saving Russ from an insurance spike.
Kissing my husband in some strange mini van at the car show.
Not going to the ward sledding party...-17'C is a tad too chilly to be barreling down slopes.
Going to the Motor show instead.
Liking cars I never knew I would.
Disliking cars I thought I would like.
Being content with the cars we have.
Sitting in a warm shuttle.
Spending …

Three Photo Friday

Thought I'd share a few older photos that I rediscovered recently. If I still scrapbooked, and no, I haven't scrapbooked in about 2 years, I would be scrapping them today. Instead, the blog will suffice. Sometimes our photos need to sit for awhile in their little data driven folders until we revisit and notice something of interest.

This one is of Russ sitting in a CF-18 at the Calgary Stampede this past summer. I love the soldier standing on the wing, the people gazing in to take a look, the blue sky, the plane. It all tells a story.Ah, Woodbadge II family camp. It was the best of was the worst of times. This photo brings a happy memory though. Kia returning from her day camp, hands full of newly made goodies, necklaces on, big smile and empty mug of water. Hard to forget the millions of wasps and bees that swirled the clover covered grass, the outhouses baking in the blazing sun, but always Kia's happy smile at coming home and my delight of welcoming he…

So inspired by this

Share Worthy

Haven't shared a link in a while and this one is my absolute new favorite! Exercise TV is the ultimate site for all those gym rats looking for new workouts and exercises, or just needing to see a visual to help get that form up to par. Sites like this are also great for anyone trying to go for it without a gym.

And here is a place you can lose a day at...don't say I didn't warn you...

Do It Anyway

The snow tends to slow things down. Perhaps it only slows down the thinking process...but still things slow down with snow. Especially lots of snow, like we've been getting. I have grand plans of doing all these errands, but the thought of bundling myself up, cleaning the snow off my car, and driving in the whiteness leaves me staring out the window pondering what else I could do. Lucky, for me there are so many things that need doing right here in this house.

Edit. Purge. Clean. Sort. Organize. Wash. Study. Scrub. Calculate. Find. Prepare. Cook.

Clearly, there are things to be done.

I thought I'd update you on the fitness front. Getting in shape is such a huge goal for anyone. It all sounds so fun and exciting in the beginning and in many ways it really is fun. Though once you get started you realize it's all work, and it's all planning and follow through. Not to mention my support team of medical and fitness professionals expect no less than my full at…


I had the best surprise visit today. Seriously, I am so giddy over it. My dear friends from Penticton (well back in the day, they live somewhere else now), Steve and Sally Wiltse, dropped by unannounced and we just chatted and visited the early afternoon away. It was such a joy to see them again and feel the love I have for them both just bubble up to the surface after all these years. I really feel blessed today.

Sally was the first person that showed up at my door after my Mom died. She heard the news in church, left the meeting and came straight to my house. I still remember her walking into the kitchen her arms outstretched with tears pouring down her face and just embracing me. Man I love her. Both of them have been such a light in my life and seeing them again, reminded me of so many sweet memories, and even better than that, reminded me that friendships continue.

Harper on CNN

Sometimes having cable on the Elliptical Trainer provides me with little gems. Like watching the Israeli singer, Yael Naim, sing Britney Spears Toxic. It started out so good...and then, it just got so very weird, don't believe me, try to sing along. Then there was yesterday, catching my Prime Minister doing an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN. Now I have no great love for Wolf Blitzer (hah, you thought I was going after Harper, maybe another day). I mean, did you hear him blunder through the inauguration?! Dude, that was just embarrassing, not as embarrassing as The Jonas Brothers and Stevie Wonder on the Grammies, but still really bad. None the less, the interview is a good read, so I thought I'd share. Part 2 is airing today, with highlights from Obama's first official visit to Canada. On a side note, is anyone else sick of their spell checkers suggestion for the perceived misspelling of the name Obama? For the love of Pete, I'm not trying to right the wo…

Laundry Day

It's definitely time for a jam packed laundry day around these parts. I neglect it so badly, that every few weeks I must have these mad washing spree's...which of course I hate. Will I ever learn?

An Open Letter to Employers,

Dear Business Owners,

I'm sure you're all worried and concerned regarding the economic situation and how it is effecting your business and longevity as a player in your industry. As families, and employees we feel the burden of this also. Time we used to spend pursuing hobbies is now spent creating worse case scenario plans and procedures, should we become one of the many people effected by a sudden lay off spree. We know your bottom line is more important than ever, and you feel a great sense of urgency in expressing these needs and desires to your staff.

In the process of these communications, let me remind you, that every employee has the right to their dignity. Your pressures should never supersede an individual's right to be treated with decency, and not humiliated, harassed and roasted for what eventually reveals your own lack of foresight and business prowess. Employment is not akin to slavery, and every employee should be provided the right to unplug from work, …

Happy V Day

Well, the Valentines Day surprise was a stay at Fantasyland. Something to check off the bucket list. We've lived here for 6 years + and I figured it was time to try out one of those Staycations everyone was talking about when gas prices were so crazy. Russ wasn't in on it and around 4 pm on Friday, Kia and I called him from our hotel room and told him what to do and where to meet us. We were in Western themed room and it was awesome! The tub...oh the fantastic tub. Happiness.

After supper we went to Galaxyland and cashed in the 3 hours before closing ride pass. Russ and Kia spent the the next three hours riding ride after ride. It was really quiet there and for the most part there was no waiting, just hop on and ride. Sweet!

Kia loved the room. She's crazy for horses and so the cowboy, western theme was right up her alley. I had given her a hint prior to our stay that upset her. I told her she would get to spend the night in jail on Valentines Day. I didn&#…

Four Week Weigh in and Measurements

(haha, I wish)
It's been 4 weeks since I really started making some health changes in my life. Today was my first official weight in and measurement day since I began on January 16th. I have sneaked peeks at my weight every now and then when I get to the gym, but I haven't picked up the tape measure. The weight is coming off and I've been truly giddy with the results of the hard work. In four weeks I've lost 19 inches from this body of mine. 4.5 of those inches coming off of my waist. Which is so cool, because my end goal is a waist size, not a scale number. Just had to share my happiness!

Easy Valentines

So last year's Valentines were a hit. It was a picture of Kia with a tray of cookies, saying something like, hope you have a sweet Valentine. The thing is, she's in grade 4 and giving out pictures of herself posing for Valentines just seems a little self promotive and doesn't fit Kia's nature. But she still wanted to do a photo, so here's our take on the idea this year. I think it's cute and she was completely in charge of all creative props and such. She added a digital sentiment along the bottom and voila, super easy. We printed each on small business sized card and Kia attached to red card stock and decorated. For all those readers still needing to do something, it's not to late to give this one a try!

In other Valentines Day news...I have a really fun surprise for the family planned this weekend. Hopefully there will be pictures and stories to share on Sunday!

Impromptu Camp Out

Why is it that Kia only barfs at midnight? It can brew in that belly of her's all night long but nothing happens until midnight. Weird.

So the impromptu camp out occurred in her bedroom as I kept her company during a not so fun night of being sick. She's good to go now, but then again it's daylight, that could change during the silence of night.

I've just been exhausted since, we both probably got a maximum of 4 hours sleep and it's been a super lazy day around here. The most I've done is sew her a sleeping mask using the tutorial found at Sew Mo's blog. Really, it turned out so cute and it took only minutes to make. I'd take a photo to share, but that requires energy, which as stated above, I'm lacking in.

Well why not

I've shared my ab roll story with some close friends, and they still love me so maybe you will to (we're all friends right?). There's a nice quiet and dark stretching room at my gym. There's lots of odd little devices filling the corners of this room. I've seen this ab wheel before, but one day this guy came in and started working it. Dang! It looked kinda fun, and really hard to do. He did 3 sets of 12 and then took off. I was all alone in the room and figured it was do or die time. So I grabbed the roller and tried to do what I had just seen him do and for anyone interested you can watch a multitude of folks do this routine on YouTube and I pray to God that there is no hidden camera example of me doing it there.

I set my mat up close to the wall, so that the wall would work as my stop point. Then I did one. Not too bad, harder pulling up then down for sure. Then I did another one. My arms started shaking a bit on the way down, then a bit more on the way…


Exploring my word choice for the year. Complete.

Russ and I just had a phone call where I said, "what are we doing wrong? We need to be happier." Happier with this life that we're living right now. It wasn't a cry for help, but a true question, born from the knowledge that life has taken the wheel and we are no longer in the drivers seat.

There definitely is an absence of joy in the journey these days. When I think of my hubby's schedule and all that is required of him, how he spends his day with problem after problem, it's no wonder that he comes home exhausted, lost in thoughts of work, burdened by all that isn't being done while he takes a necessary night off. I think of all the other people that are living like this, but mostly, I think of him.

Does completing tasks in one area of our lives, automatically mean we must go without in another? I'm not a believer in the idea of having it all. I don't think we can have it all, at least not at th…

Dance like nobody's watching

Sometimes, YouTube has these little gems that remind you how absolutely ridiculous life can be when you take it too seriously. This one makes me laugh, like nobody's watching. Maybe, you're thinking what I was thinking, "I didn't know Jane Fonda choreographed for REM?"

Life's current focus

My blog has been neglected. Well, this one anyway. My weight loss blog has been a busy little place. I truly don't have the guts to share it with anyone but my hubby right now, but maybe someday I'll get me some courage. It's a busy week for me. I'm working on another craft fair for Ribbon Wands this weekend, which I've procrastinated and now have piles of work. Though I'm really looking forward to young women's this week as we're making the cutest mini-cakes for Valentines. The rest of the week is work, cleaning and meal planning with hopefully some fun with family in the evenings.