Quote on Fear

I thought this was an interesting quote and I do agree with it. The day Russ and I were to be married, it's safe to say, we both had a good deal of fear. In fact our bodies were overcome with fear just prior to our marriage ceremony. We stood hand in hand outside of the sealing room, completely terrified. But it was the type of fear spoken of in this quote, we knew what we were about to do was absolutely the right thing, yet we were still pretty scared of the step itself. A lifetime eternity of unknowns awaited us in marriage.

I really think there is a difference between that inner voice or prompting that whispers caution and warnings to us and fear. Fear is self doubt. Fear is the collective voice of all our lifelong naysayers chanting their doubt from the sidelines. Fear is not a still small voice, but a mocking voice. Fear would tell you that you will fail, that you don't deserve happiness, that the risk is too great, that you are unworthy. Well that is clearly crap. Maybe quiet contemplation will teach as that perhaps the risk is too great if taken in one giant step, but that there is a different path to reach our goal. Life isn't all or nothing. We are worthy of happiness, and maybe instead of processing the fear as a "sign" we should stop, we need to instead hear it as the starting line gunshot that begins a new journey.

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