I was reading an article that features different sellers at Etsy. Today they featured an older couple, that own and run the shop Paradise Hill Designs. In the article they share how they"sat down and wrote a scenario of our ideal lifestyle. The strongest points emerging were being creative and living in a homestead setting as self-sufficiently as possible. Serendipity led us to the peaceful setting of Paradise Hill, where we have since become deeply rooted. The motto, "Do what you can with what you’ve got" inspired us to build furniture for our house, using simple tools and barn wood we found on the property. A passion for designing and creating took over and resulted in Rick handcrafting a beautiful shop and Heidi sketching original designs of functional home d├ęcor, trying her hand at woodburning and also writing songs."

This struck me today. I connect to this way of thinking and I have to admit the lifestyle they describe is one, I long for. A rustic cabin in Northern B.C. sounds divine. What I think we can all do is sit down and write our ideal lifestyle scenario. I think we all find joy and satisfaction in simple pleasures and no matter what our circumstances are right this minute, we can all do what we can with what we've got. An evening with loved ones...good food, fine music, laughter. What could be better?

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