Home with the sick one

This is only the second sick day of the school year, and for our kidlet that is impressive. She's not even that sick, but her sneezes..well, they are big and wet. Not cute little toot-like sneezes. But ones that cause her to cover her face, run for the washroom, wipe, rinse and dry.

It was a quiet weekend. The cold weather left us all fairly happy to stay home. Russ really wanted to get out into his workshop and start setting it up. He's got a few new 'guy things' for his wood working hobby and is just chomping at the bit to get out there and get working. -28'C isn't really conducive to time spent outside in a cold garage for prolonged periods of time.

I've been doing lots of reading. I'm almost done Fat Wars, which was like reading something written by my high school gym teacher. It's not your average exercise/diet book, but instead focuses on the science behind metabolism and nutrition. There were some interesting insights and recommendations that I want to implement. No quick fixes, which I appreciate. One suggestion that he made was to do your 15 minute warm up, then your weight training, followed by your 30 min+ of cardio. So I'm going to try that out. He explains it like warming up a cold car in winter, it's more comfortable to get in and runs more efficiently when it's all warmed up. So instead of your body burning sugar, it will burn fat cells more effeciently in the cardio section of your workout. I like that!

I'm also deep into Brisingr. The great thing about it is you totally don't have to reread the first and second book. There is a great catch-up overview of the first two books and Paolini does a good job of explaining odd little details and jogging your memories regarding objects and the names of other people and places not mentioned in the overview. YAY. I totally didn't want to have to read all those pages again. ;)

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