Feeling the pain

I'm working out. I've been working out a whole heck of a lot and I'm not going to lie, I'm feeling the pain. I'm trying to work out 6 days a week...which means Saturdays have been added to my routine. In my life I can think of about 5 other times I have worked out on a Saturday...so it's new. Plus on top of the workout, we did lots of things today; chipping ice off the driveway being one, and lots of errands around Edmonton. A stop at Planet Organic in Old Strathcona to get Steel Cut Oatmeal and what turned out to be a very expensive brown bag of vitamins, lotions and more. A stop at Sports Mart, a visit to the brand new Future Shop in the south end of town and folks, I was done. DONE like a toddler close to nap time. I don't know where this energy is that active people talk about, but dude, I hit the wall today and had to fight my natural urge to maim.

You know...I am feeling better...but right now the feeling passes quickly. Anyways, at the gym I'm in love with this new Elliptical Trainer. It is so cool...you can watch TV, hook your iPod into it, plus there is a cyber personal trainer programmed into the machine to help you and motivate if desired. People...this thing rocks my world. I love programming mine to show me how many laps around an Olympic track I'm doing. In some ways it's like the hover chairs where the fat where launched from one sippy cup to the next in the movie Wall-E, but instead of being a lump, you have to work it.

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