Word for 2009

Is it really that time again? Has another year ticked by in it's entirety? December truly is a sobering month. I few years ago I issued and took part in something I called the Handel Challenge. The gist of the challenge is that it took George Frideric Handel a mere 25 days to complete and compose "The Messiah". That is 14 Messiah's and time for a holiday in the span of a year. The point is a simple one: great things can be accomplished in a relatively short space of time, simply by applying ourselves to the task of finishing what we start. This brings me to my word for 2009:
You may note that I've clarified that I am using the adjective of the world complete rather than the verb. I don't want to be finished as an individual but I do want to finish the "races" I begin. I think this word is at the very heart of resolutions. We want to resolve to do those things that we aren't doing and finally complete them.

It's just a small mantra to myself when I start filling up my schedule with new ideas and projects. I need to ask myself...Will I complete this? Will this add value to my already busy life? It's inviting this word to become a filter that I pour my ideas and desires through. I was thinking of that scene in Jerry McGuire...the "you complete me" moment. It's always bothered me. I truly feel that as individuals we need to complete ourselves so that we can enhance those we love, not complete them, but completely love and accept them. Okay, good thing I have a year to figure this one out. :)

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