Holiday Updates

  • Kia and Russ spent the afternoon skiing at a local ski hill (and yes, there are ski 'hills' in Edmonton, many of them in fact). Russ has been wanting to teach her to ski for a long time. Kia caught on quick and it was a successful outing, soon to be repeated I'm sure!
  • My Christmas present from Russ is now working and dang it's awesome. Russ hooked it up to the speakers in the front room and now I can stream my computers iTunes playlist so that it plays through the stereo upstairs. Technology really rocks.
  • We all have huge piles of reading ahead of us. Ah, Sunday's are going to rock for the next month. Is there anything better than reading a Sunday afternoon away? Oh, I can think of one thing...afternoon church. Yay. Our time change starts in January and I for one, LOVE afternoon church.
  • Remember this post: What have I done? Russ wanted the game bubble bobble for Christmas and one game + one spontaneous purchase later, he got it. He's been enjoying his new toy very much, and quite frankly bubble bobble has been sitting forgotten in it's case. I thought it might be as the review for this particular version of the game read: for people who don't like to have fun. I just love saying that quote. I think that's the 15th time I've worked that phrase into a sentence since I read it.

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