Blizzards, Barfin', Bags and a Tutu.

Would it be a Christmas holiday around here without someone getting sick? I dare say, it would not. Russ is down for the count. He is terribly ill, and Kia and I, while hopeful we won't get it, are in some ways resigned to have it, probably when school's back in. We pushed him a tad too hard yesterday with our outing to WEM. Our bad, he's taken another few steps back on the road to recovery because of it! Though we did see Bedtime Stories at the gigantic theatre there and we all really enjoyed it, even the sicko.

So today, it's a bit of a blizzard outside. Keeks and I have plans to go to the counties New Years festivities and at the very least take in the 8 pm firework show, but I don't know how the constant snowfall and wind will effect the outcome of that idea. We'll just keep checking the website I guess.

This morning Kia and I did a little sewing project together. She's wanted a bag for her Nintendo DS. We keep seeing these cases in the stores but they're all so generic and boring black, so we decided to make our own. Kia picked out the fabric and helped with the overall design. I was the seamstress of our little project thanks to an hour of good TV that coordinated with our project time. Here's the outcome...we even made inside pockets for games. We rock.
I also put her to work making a tutu for the sock monkey she got for Christmas...Garner. Isn't he just the cutest cross dressing sock monkey you ever did see?
Happy New Year from Garner the sock monkey, KiKi, Me and the Sick One!

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