Baby, it's cold outside

Hey everybody. I'm alive. It was a short lived stomach bug. Unfortunately it hit during Russyl's work Christmas party. I managed to hide it, but it was still not the best moment to arrive. Besides my illness, I think his work dinner was great. It was the first one where he was the boss, and thus had to pay the bill. Har har. His credit card company even phoned the next day because it was a suspicious transaction. It's not often you go out and buy a 5 course meal and all the drinks that go along with that for 17 of your friends. Very suspicious behavior for my Russyl. ;P

The deep freeze that was lingering in the distance is now here with brutal arctic force. It's just painfully cold out there. Painful! I'm so grateful for home during these bone chilling temperatures. Too bad our schedules do not accommodate lounging the days away under fluffy warm blankets. Looking at this weeks calender, we literally have something to do every single night this week. This is the arsenic Christmas week for our family, but it's all good stuff. I'm actually really looking forward to a few of the events this week.

Right now Kia has a friend over and they are busy playing "orphanage" throughout the house. Russ is napping by the Christmas tree. A banana cake is cooling in the kitchen almost ready to be frosted with cream cheese icing and we're all safe and warm as the temperatures plummet against our little refuge. I'm off to a baptism tonight and I'm thrilled to attend. A sweet young women is being baptized in just a few hours from now. I just love this girl to pieces and I'm so happy for her today. Blessings truly know no temperature.

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