Watch out for the big red target

Because that would me! Chewie got crunched...AGAIN! I swear the car Gods are mocking me. Hit and run in the parking lot at Michaels. I was in the shop with Kia, getting last minute necessities for my Thrilling Thursday class at church so I didn't see a thing, BUT I have many witnesses who were kind enough to provide me with ample info moving forward. It's not that big of hit really, took out my passengar mirror and scratched the door, but it's $1000 worth and after the big inconvenience of the summer time "incident", I'm jaded on the entire process. Icarumba and woe is me.

(And for anyone that wants to remind me that bad things happen in three's...I beg to differ. Bad things happen in dozens in our world. I'm well on my way baby)

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