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What exactly does a Monkey Fart smell like? This scent is hugely popular. All my male readers are wondering if I'm making this up. I'm not. Monkey Farts is a real life scent available in lotions, candles and soaps in a store near you. For real. Even I can't make this stuff up. If you could capture the scent of a fart in a jar and share it with your loved ones, wouldn't you?

So let's analyze the smell possibilities shall we. Clearly, it's got a smell a little like a banana. Monkey's eat a lot of banana's, right? So that's the easy one. Now, I ask you what else would conjure up the aroma of a monkey fart dear reader? Well I did some research for you. Turns out Monkey's enjoy consuming large quantities of bugs. From trees, from the hair of their roommates, from itchy parts of their own body, or possibly from dead birds and such they come across when foraging.

One helpful discussion board guru made this wise observation when asked what monkeys eat: Fruit, seeds, leaves, bark, bugs, vegetation, it is said that a monkey will eat just about anything that is edible. So this is a vast foray of smells to condense and formulate for all those marketing under the "monkey fart" umbrella.

I certainly hope the makers of these products consulted experts in the field. I mean Jane Goodall would know. The woman has spent her life in the midst of primates, surely she would be an expert in the field of monkey farts. At the very least she should be getting a quarter anytime anyone buys a monkey fart product. It's only fair.

I gotta say that after my research, I'm probably less inclined to be making any Monkey Fart product purchases this year. I don't mean to deter any possibly customers out there, but I will say this: human beings and chimps have close to 100% similarity in their DNA. Enough said, case close.

For anyone interested: the monkey fart candle pictured above is available here.

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