Any better pics of Jasper out there?

Saw Twilight last night and seriously spent the whole time thinking that Jasper Cullen was channeling Edward Scissorhands. Was it just me or was anyone else craving some Johnny?

Many opinions have been shared on the topic of this movie, and I might as well add mine to the pool. I didn't hate it. I didn't love it, but I most certainly didn't hate it. I had been looking forward to seeing the settings of the story. Bella's house, the town of Forks, the Cullen's house, the forests...and in that the movie did not disappoint. I knew going into it that the lead characters were so completely different from the ones in my head, that I didn't make it about the characters (like I do when I read) but more about the overall story.

Things that were not good: JACOB. Oh how I do not like this Jacob. I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, hoping he had some mad energy that would just translate through the screen. Nope, he didn't. It was bad, so very bad. I also couldn't stand the Running Edward with Bella on his back. O M GOSH that looked ridiculous. And when the Vampires would become territorial and face off it was like the looked at each other and swayed slightly. COME ON! Hiss and look terrifying would you!

Things that were good: Charlie, I was surprised at how much I liked movie Charlie. Esmee was adorable and did not get enough screentime. Bella was a hard sell for me in the book, I kept wondering why on earth Edward was so enthralled with her, outside the hot for her blood thing. This Bella helped me get a more full picture of that. I didn't even mind all the sullen, pouty looks she kept throwing out. Book Bella never seemed happy and either does screen Bella.

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