R n' R

We've been so stressed lately. So last night was a family night. Everyone donned their PJ's, we rented Wall-E (which Keeks and I had already seen but Russ hadn't and he really liked it), made caramel popcorn and lounged the night away. We usually have a family movie night on Friday's but adding the caramel corn and wearing PJ's was enough to jazz it up and make it somehow better and more relaxing.
Miss Kiki has a birthday party to attend this afternoon and I think I'm going to drag Russ to Ikea to price out our closet makeover we are treating ourselves to this Christmas. Tonight we're watching the latest Indiana Jones movie. Yes, we're late to view this one, mainly due to the fact that I really don't like the Indiana Jones franchise. Que collective gasp. I can't forgive Harrison Ford for not being Han Solo anymore. I seriously spend the entire time I watch Indy movies, mad that it's not Han Solo. I get how strange that is, but it's the truth!
In other news I have a new candle that is delighting the senses and making our house smell delicious. A friend and I went to this little roadside cafe for pie the other day and they had a great deal on candles. Plus we knew the young women working there and she gave us a staff discount on top of the great sale...so how was I to resist?

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