Missing INaction

That is me. Just combine the last two words of the time honored phrase. I used to be so good at multitasking. Now I can barely finish one thing at a time. It's all come to head this week because my inaction has a direct and powerful consequence: My house is TERRIBLE. Bad, beyond grossness, cluttered x neglect= the need for a housecleaning marathon of epic proportions. There has been talk of us putting the Christmas tree up this weekend. HA. Ha ha ha ha ha. Not unless a miracle happens over the next 24 hours. Farewell dear reader. When we meet again I will once again have matching socks, or at the very least will leave my husbands alone...because some laundry will be done. I will have a drawer full of clean butter knives that do not require a quick rinse in the sink before using, because they're all dirty. I will have a bathroom free of dried toothpaste mints. Or this will be my last and final post. Perhaps I should wish you all a hearty and happy Christmas and New Year now....this could take awhile.

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