Christmas Advent Basket

It's ready to go. Because Kia loves The Sound of Music so much, we've embraced the "brown paper packages, tied up with string" philosophy for the advent goodies. I love ideas that simplify the process and cost less, so I'm all over this one. These are not all new things. They are all favorite Christmas themed storybooks, movies, craft projects, candy...most of which we already have. My rule is that I can only provide 8 new items to the collection every year.

I've been doing this for 6 of Kia's 9 years. So our collection of Christmas storybooks and movies is so huge that we could start this advent in September. Truth be told, her tastes have changed so much over this past year that I'm going to be parting with a great amount of these Christmas books, because they are too simple (read babyish) for her now.

I used to fill the basket with lots of activities because I didn't have a big collection of books, movies, or the funds to get them. This worked great back in the day. We're a tad too busy to incorporate and commit to this right now, so instead I also keep a Christmas calendar of activities in the community, shopping nights, baking and such that we refer too when time permits. The only set activity that is always in the basket is our cookie making day.

One of the biggest perks of this tradition has been a simpler Christmas. By the time Christmas comes around, Miss KiKi already feels like she's received so many gifts that she usually scolds us for having too much stuff for her on Christmas Day. She's not a kid that measures Christmas by "things" and I think this advent basket tradition plays a big role in that.

The books that I don't wrap are laid under the Christmas tree. The movies are simply brought out and can be grabbed when time permits. I also used to start December 1st with a Christmas stuffed animal. I no longer do this because Miss Kia is very sentimental and I can't store everything she loves. ;) My SIL, Amy has started doing this also, so please check out her "bucket" for some more inspiration. And now I'm off to continue my cleaning spree...honest, I mean it.

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