Baz Luhrman and thoughts on adaptations

I'm so excited about his new movie, Australia coming out this week. I'm such a fan of his work and I grew up with such a love for Australia...that I hope it turns out to be a great treat. I love big epic stories that just immerse me in another time and place. Plus Baz has an amazing ability to add the perfect score to the movie, and music can play such a major part in the telling of a story.

In other news, me and my girlfriends are off to see Twilight tonight, which for all intents and purposes from several sources, seems to be one big lemon. Which is okay because I kinda set up that way anyway. I can't imagine trying to tackle a movie where beauty plays such a key role. Mainly because everyone's idea of perfection is completely different. That is not my Edward, Bella or Jacob. Plus trying to communicate love that is so visual in an emotional way, seems to be something that young Hollywood just couldn't manage (though I must say that if I boy looked at me like Zac looks at Vanessa in HSM3 I'd have been in big trouble!). I'm interested to see just how bad it really is or could possibly be. :)

It's always interesting when stories are adapted into movies. I really think the best ones are those that are left to brew overtime. Jane Austen's work and the Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien are great examples of this. They've been studied for so many years that the beautiful themes and characters of the story have deepened and an even more clear view of the story has been able to come into view.

Compare this to the movies that start when the series isn't even completed, they just lose something. It's all so rushed, over-marketed and manipulated to produce money that the heart of the story is lost. Eragon is a perfect example of this. What a disaster that movie was, it felt like a massive Hollywood studio manipulation, rather than a love letter to the book. I'm fine waiting out the decades for movies with as much heart and vision as Peter Jackson's, Lord of the Rings trilogy. Which for me has been the only adaptation of a book I've read that surpassed even what I imagined in my mind. I'll take some more of that please!

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