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Christmas Advent Basket

It's ready to go. Because Kia loves The Sound of Music so much, we've embraced the "brown paper packages, tied up with string" philosophy for the advent goodies. I love ideas that simplify the process and cost less, so I'm all over this one. These are not all new things. They are all favorite Christmas themed storybooks, movies, craft projects, candy...most of which we already have. My rule is that I can only provide 8 new items to the collection every year.

I've been doing this for 6 of Kia's 9 years. So our collection of Christmas storybooks and movies is so huge that we could start this advent in September. Truth be told, her tastes have changed so much over this past year that I'm going to be parting with a great amount of these Christmas books, because they are too simple (read babyish) for her now.

I used to fill the basket with lots of activities because I didn't have a big collection of books, movies, or the funds to get them. This w…

Missing INaction

That is me. Just combine the last two words of the time honored phrase. I used to be so good at multitasking. Now I can barely finish one thing at a time. It's all come to head this week because my inaction has a direct and powerful consequence: My house is TERRIBLE. Bad, beyond grossness, cluttered x neglect= the need for a housecleaning marathon of epic proportions. There has been talk of us putting the Christmas tree up this weekend. HA. Ha ha ha ha ha. Not unless a miracle happens over the next 24 hours. Farewell dear reader. When we meet again I will once again have matching socks, or at the very least will leave my husbands alone...because some laundry will be done. I will have a drawer full of clean butter knives that do not require a quick rinse in the sink before using, because they're all dirty. I will have a bathroom free of dried toothpaste mints. Or this will be my last and final post. Perhaps I should wish you all a hearty and happy Christmas and Ne…

Things I wonder about

What exactly does a Monkey Fart smell like? This scent is hugely popular. All my male readers are wondering if I'm making this up. I'm not. Monkey Farts is a real life scent available in lotions, candles and soaps in a store near you. For real. Even I can't make this stuff up. If you could capture the scent of a fart in a jar and share it with your loved ones, wouldn't you?

So let's analyze the smell possibilities shall we. Clearly, it's got a smell a little like a banana. Monkey's eat a lot of banana's, right? So that's the easy one. Now, I ask you what else would conjure up the aroma of a monkey fart dear reader? Well I did some research for you. Turns out Monkey's enjoy consuming large quantities of bugs. From trees, from the hair of their roommates, from itchy parts of their own body, or possibly from dead birds and such they come across when foraging.

One helpful discussion board guru made this wise observation when asked what mo…

Any better pics of Jasper out there?

Saw Twilight last night and seriously spent the whole time thinking that Jasper Cullen was channeling Edward Scissorhands. Was it just me or was anyone else craving some Johnny?

Many opinions have been shared on the topic of this movie, and I might as well add mine to the pool. I didn't hate it. I didn't love it, but I most certainly didn't hate it. I had been looking forward to seeing the settings of the story. Bella's house, the town of Forks, the Cullen's house, the forests...and in that the movie did not disappoint. I knew going into it that the lead characters were so completely different from the ones in my head, that I didn't make it about the characters (like I do when I read) but more about the overall story.

Things that were not good: JACOB. Oh how I do not like this Jacob. I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, hoping he had some mad energy that would just translate through the screen. Nope, he didn't. It was bad, so very bad. …

Baz Luhrman and thoughts on adaptations

I'm so excited about his new movie, Australia coming out this week. I'm such a fan of his work and I grew up with such a love for Australia...that I hope it turns out to be a great treat. I love big epic stories that just immerse me in another time and place. Plus Baz has an amazing ability to add the perfect score to the movie, and music can play such a major part in the telling of a story.

In other news, me and my girlfriends are off to see Twilight tonight, which for all intents and purposes from several sources, seems to be one big lemon. Which is okay because I kinda set up that way anyway. I can't imagine trying to tackle a movie where beauty plays such a key role. Mainly because everyone's idea of perfection is completely different. That is not my Edward, Bella or Jacob. Plus trying to communicate love that is so visual in an emotional way, seems to be something that young Hollywood just couldn't manage (though I must say that if I boy looked at me lik…

R n' R

We've been so stressed lately. So last night was a family night. Everyone donned their PJ's, we rented Wall-E (which Keeks and I had already seen but Russ hadn't and he really liked it), made caramel popcorn and lounged the night away. We usually have a family movie night on Friday's but adding the caramel corn and wearing PJ's was enough to jazz it up and make it somehow better and more relaxing.
Miss Kiki has a birthday party to attend this afternoon and I think I'm going to drag Russ to Ikea to price out our closet makeover we are treating ourselves to this Christmas. Tonight we're watching the latest Indiana Jones movie. Yes, we're late to view this one, mainly due to the fact that I really don't like the Indiana Jones franchise. Que collective gasp. I can't forgive Harrison Ford for not being Han Solo anymore. I seriously spend the entire time I watch Indy movies, mad that it's not Han Solo. I get how strange that is, but it's…

Checkin' In

Not much to share...I'm uber busy and I just have to work through it. Baby steps-like. I had the worst dream of my adult life last night and seriously it's too twisted to share in a public forum, needless to say I'll be making an extra effort to shake the after affects off of that dream. I think we've all had those dreams that feel too real. Then you have to fight the urge to not be angry at the real person in your life that did jerky things in your dreams the night before. That's me today!

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Watch out for the big red target

Because that would me! Chewie got crunched...AGAIN! I swear the car Gods are mocking me. Hit and run in the parking lot at Michaels. I was in the shop with Kia, getting last minute necessities for my Thrilling Thursday class at church so I didn't see a thing, BUT I have many witnesses who were kind enough to provide me with ample info moving forward. It's not that big of hit really, took out my passengar mirror and scratched the door, but it's $1000 worth and after the big inconvenience of the summer time "incident", I'm jaded on the entire process. Icarumba and woe is me.

(And for anyone that wants to remind me that bad things happen in three's...I beg to differ. Bad things happen in dozens in our world. I'm well on my way baby)

Fall Break

The Park has a really unique school schedule and we are reaping one of the rewards of it right now: Fall break. One week off of school in...yup you guessed it, the Fall. We've done something every night so far. Monday we went to Millennium Place for a family swim, last night we went to see Madagascar 2 ( man I love those penguins), at Galaxy Cinema's cheap night. Tonight we have callings at the church and Keek's has achievement days.

We were also treated with the first real snowfall of the season yesterday. A snowfall that actually required snow removal. It begins...

The Eleventh Hour

On November 1st, it was official...we've been married for 11 years. I was telling Russ that somehow 11 seems less than 10. Our ten year anniversary seemed so monumental. A decade. Ten years! Don't ask me why 11 sounds less climatic, but for me it does. Its no reflection on the year though. It's been a great year. A year that has fused us together in ways the past 10 years never seemed to do.

Marriage and self discovery sometimes seem to battle against one another. A great arguement can be truly be made for marrying later in life, simply so you can figure out your own junk without having to have it reflected so closely in the eyes of another and their experience. Anyways, we each experience things on our own time table, and self discovery, when coupled with the discovery of a partner...takes just a bit longer for me. I'm a slow learner, but the good news is, I learn.

God has given me many things in this life, everything really. Things I've loved and lost, …

Ribbon Projects

From now until Christmas I'll be sharing lots of Ribbon Projects over at my Ribbon Wand blog. Hope you check them out and maybe try some with your own stash of ribbon!


Okay...all you blogging friends out there. I have a challenge for you. Write your profile description. See, right there on the left side of my screen by my picture. That's called a profile description here on blogger. Let's make each other laugh today, shall we?

Letting Go

My Bishop was speaking with the youth, not so long ago, and he responded to a question with an answer that was probably meant for me regarding a situation I'm currently in. It was that we need to identify our fear as something that is not from God. If we have fear and anxiety we should pray to have that feeling replaced with hope and faith. I am praying for this. It has not been a quick fix to the problem, in fact, my self doubt whispers that I'm somehow praying wrong, or I'm unworthy to receive this great blessing, but then I tell myself that this is the same source of negative thinking that I'm trying to overcome. So you see that this is going to be a journey for me, because things need to heal along the way.

I often say about my husband and kid, that their not happy unless they have something to worry about. I say it teasingly but in a very real sense I recognize it, because I too have this trait. For twenty some years I've chosen to embrace suffering. I l…

FYI: You couldn't pay me to be 9 again.

There is friend drama happening in Ki Ki's world in grade 4. Friendships changing, it's actually quite ridiculous and reminds me that girls have a huge capacity for both friendship and destruction. I won't go into details, but needless to say that through it all, my kidlet amazes me with her inner direction and ability to see through the lies and recognize the truth in the situation and identify the qualities that really matter. A part of me wants to protect her from this stuff, yet when I see the results from her handling the situations (with a little encouragement from Mom and Dad), and how it makes her stronger, I realize that she really is capable of dealing with this stuff. The fact that I wish she didn't have to, is simply my maternal right.

Halloween Night 2008

Another Halloween Night conquered! The weather has been so mild lately and Halloween night was no exception. I spent the afternoon at Kia's school for the annual afternoon of festivities that the school puts on. When we got home we carved a pumpkin and then I started making our Halloween night tradition of homemade chicken noodle soup. I invited our neighbor over to join us this year, so we had something besides work to talk about at the supper table. Which, let me tell you, is a welcome relief for all of us these days.

Russ and Kiki hit the streets and I stayed home to hand out candy. This is the first year that I have come close to be cleaned out. I had to refill the candy bowl twice and for those of you that have seen our giant candy bowl, you know what a feat this is! My neighbor stayed and visited with me, while the kids kept coming. I should have just stood at the front door, the stream of people was so steady for a solid 30+ minutes. My SIL mentioned how people loa…