We're all Witched out on our Witcheness...

Our Bewitching Spa Idea was born from a brainstorming session between me and Kia, back in September. She had so many ideas of what she wanted to do for her birthday that we had taken to making list after list of crazy ideas and then walking away. A pattern developed and the Bewitching Spa Party was born. We loved the idea of coming to a party as you were and leave as something else. Actually the original concept was a tad darker...kind of a "make you ugly" spa. Keeks vetoed that idea early on, though I fought hard for it.

The Goodie bags for this party have been slowly gathered over the past month and literally was my favorite part. Remember my good mail day? There were a few of those as fun stuff arrived from all over the globe. Unique and handmade and willing to trade...gotta love that! We kept the numbers low regarding invites and opted for a well thought out guest list of friends who would enjoy this kind of party. Each of these little witches who attended were an absolute delight and helped create the nicest personality blend of any party in recent memory.
I asked two young women from church to come and help out. To begin with all the girls had a peel off facial. It's the type of facial mask that hardens and then you peel off...this was a hit and miss. Hit while it was going on and a bit of a miss when taking it off. Some of them were in tears (1 in real tears, 1 whose eyes were watering) ...lol...I'm so mean because I thought that was hilarious.

The YW worked the spa, where the girls got their hair done and nails done. The hair station had a curling iron, straightener with sparkle hairspray and pink hair gel options. The nail station had black, blue and vampire black red nail polish. The girls could choose what they wanted done at each station. I also had a tatoo table set up using these Martha Stewart Stamps. You simply use a waterbased pigment ink, stamp the image on the skin, let set for 45 seconds and then apply talcum powder to seal. Voila...tattoos.

Once they were all witched up, we presented the girls with their own witch hat. I searched forever to find the right hats at a reasonable price (cuz I had half a dozen to buy). I wanted a good velvet black hat, with the classic buckle that would also last past Halloween and make it into the dress up trunk. Value Village really is the best place for Halloween stuff people. Just save yourself the time. They will have what you want, and it will be half the price of the other places. The Supper Menu went as follows:

Mummy Wraps
Goblin Guts
Graveyard Leaves with 1000 year old bread
Warty Sticks
Witches Brew and Swamp Fizz to drink

The Mummy Wraps were Chicken Bundles, and the recipe for these are found on the Workman family website here. Goblin Guts were simply Chicken Pasta Sides...easy and I've yet to meet a kid that doesn't like this stuff. Graveyard Leaves with 1000 year old bread was...you guessed it Caesar Salad. Warty Sticks were cheese bread. Witches Brew was Mug Rootbeer and Swamp Fizz was Sprite. They loved that everything had a different name and would correct me if I slipped up.
Now you all know my SIL is the cupcake Queen. Not I, but I did manage to find me an old Martha Stewart magazine that had the idea for monster cupcakes. Easy peezy...just grab some gummy fangs, smarties, fruit roll-ups, chocolate wafers and marshmallows and let your imagination run rampant. I used my sheet cake recipe for the cupcake base and these baby are delicious to eat as well as cute to look at. If you want to use this recipe, leave them out overnight before decorating...the inside will stay moist and the outside will just toughen up enough to frost easily. We finished the evening with the gift opening. She received some wonderful goodies, including a couple new webkinz, and spa goodies. The item that she is over the moon in love with can be seen in the last two images of the collage above. It's a Mei Tai for Keeks stuffies, handmade by my talented BFF Kari Lynn. She has not stopped wearing it since she got it...I seriously think she slept in it. It's crazy cute and she even made interchangeable panels, so she can customize the look. I love that my kid gets how special homemade items are. Later she said to me, "I was really hoping someone would give me a handmade present." Seriously, how many 9 year old's are this awesome?

So there you go...a glimpse into the night. Now we just have our little family party on Monday and we're good to go.

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